Understand how to guide your organisation through the next level of complexity when big teams work on highly integrated enterprise solutions.


The Large Solutions Training presents possibilities, roles, tools, attitudes, events, workshops and visions of how people in large organizations can work together in a meaningful and agile way.


Pre-Condition to attend this Large Solution Training is Implementing SAFe with SPC Certification


During this training you will learn:


  • Plan a Large Solutions Transformation
  • Know the leverage points of an agile transformation
  • Identify and design the first steps of a Large Solutions transformation
  • Reflect on role descriptions and responsibilities of all participants
  • Understand what an organizational development blueprint might look like
  • Immerse yourself in an agile mindset, adapt to an agile culture with several participants


Special offer Implementing SAFe followed by Large Solutions:


Two-day training.

Please note: Implementing SAFe training is a prerequisite to attend to the Large Solutions Training.



Day 1 ​

Module 1: Intro

  • What do we want to achieve?​

Module 2: Solution Areas

  • What isa Solution Area and how does it work?​
  • Solution Areas and Agile Release Trains​
  • Working with Problem Spaces​
  • Mastering Self-Selection​
  • Descaling in Solution Areas​​

Module 3: Solution Trains

  • Planning Conference: Heartbeat of the Solution Train​
  • Solution Train Events​
  • Refinement in Large Solutions​
  • Supplier Collaboration​

Day 2

Module 4: Self-Organize Around Value in SAP

  • Value Stream Networks​
  • Visualize dependencies between business processes​
  • Apply Value Stream Networks and Solution Areas to organize around value​

Module 5: LACE Teams in Large Solutions

  • What is Organizational Architecture?​
  • How to set up a LACE Team in a Large Solution​​

Module 6: SAP DevSecOps Overview

  • End2End Test automation​
  • CI/CD tool chain example​
  • Balance demand with capacity with one Backlog​


  • To leverage the concepts an Implementing SAFe training is a perquisite
  • 5+ years’ experience in cyber-physical delivery

This training is aimed at those who are directly involved in large-scale transformations. This includes users, change agents and consultants who are responsible for the implementation of agile programs and portfolios as part of a lean agile change initiative for companies.

  • TypeTraining
  • Maximum number of participants:30
  • Language:
  • Lunch included:does not apply
  • Exam:Yes
  • Incompany:Yes