Wet Politiegegevens

Data, Security & Privacy
The legislation encapsulated in Wpg provides clear guidelines on how to process and manage personal data that are relevant to police duty. Get the tools and internal checks to be fully prepared for a Wpg-audit.
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The growing need for data privacy in an increasingly digital world makes the program Wet politiegegevens (Wpg) one of Gladwell Academy’s most timely portfolio addition. Focused on the need for public organizations to perform their respective roles seamlessly while simultaneously ensuring privacy protection for all involved. The legislation encapsulated in Wet politiegegevens provides clear guidelines on how to process and manage personal data that are relevant to police duty.

This program aims to provide you with the necessary substantive knowledge about the legislation itself and how it is relevant to your organization. It provides you with the tools and internal checks to have you fully prepared for a Wpg-audit. The program is most relevant for the public sector and for any organization that collaborates with the public sector, i.e. organisations that employ boa’s.

Gaining insight and understanding how Wpg impacts your organization will be a key element in the program. From there, the focus will move to acquiring the relevant knowledge and tools to be able to perform internal checks yourself. The program prepares you to be your organization’s internal advisor and sparring partner. Preparing your organization for the Wpg-audit and provide valuable contributions to personal data protection. The Wet politiegegevens program has been developed to address the issues team leaders, privacy advisers and civil officers encounter in their daily work.

The Wet politiegegevens (Wpg) program is available in English & Dutch for In-Company clients. For further information what this program can do for your organization or to receive a quote, reach out to Marjolein Straathof.

Our Open Enrollment program for Wet politiegegevens (Wpg) is currently available in Dutch. For further information in Dutch, click below.