Events & Webinars

Gladwell Academy organizes several events, conferences and webinars each year. The RTE Summit, Agile Coach Conference and Scaling Agile India are some of our best-known events.


Agile Coach Conference 2023

When: June 22nd, 2023

Where: Phil in Haarlem (NL)

Bringing together all Agilists, Coaches and Change Agents at Gladwell Academy’s annual Agile Coach Conference. Increasing numbers of companies are embracing agile ways of working to keep up with technological developments, unpredictable external factors and rapid changing demands in the market. This conference is for you, the champions of business agility and the conductors of change.

RTE Summit 2023

When: November 7, 2023 and November 8, 2023

Where: PHIL, Haarlem

For RTEs by RTEs, this is your event! A limited-time opportunity to get your tickets for the 8th RTE Summit at a unique discount.

Free Events

Meetup 'AI & Agile Coaching'

When: June 6th, 2023

Where: Amsterdam

AI and Agile coaching: will the bots replace us?

Have you spent years perfecting your consulting skills or your visual facilitation techniques, only to find that ChatGPT and Midjourney are now more popular than you are? Perhaps you serve teams that develop artificial intelligence and machine learning?


RTE Summit NYC 2024

When: 6th & 7th of February 2024

Where: Convene, 237 Park Avenue, New York City

Due to the success of the RTE Summit in Europe, we decided to expand with the RTE Summit to the vibrant city of New York in february 2024. This event is designed for RTE's by RTE's. As we gather to amplify the impact of Release Train Engineers all over the world, this is an unique event where you can connect with a fast growing community.

Past Events

Agile Coach Conference

Agile Coach Conference 2022

Best organized event we have ever seen, including the location and program.

Agile Coach Conference 2020

RTE Summit

RTE Summit 2022 - For RTE's by RTE's. We hope you enjoyed the 7th edition of the RTE Summit as much as we did and we hope to see you next year again on the 7th & 8th November 2023

RTE Summit 2021

RTE Summit 2020

RTE Summit 2019

Scaling Agile India

SCAIN 2019 (Scaling Agile India)