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Apply the relatively new Agile Way of Working to areas beyond software and learn how to harness the power of Agile/Lean methodologies to develop hardware products and products involving both software and hardware.
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Lean and Agile practices for hardware product development and engineering

In the Agile for Hardware training, you will learn how to use the newest Lean/Agile methodologies to drastically reduce your time to market, acquire flexibility and respond to changes in requirements and markets with ease. You will also learn how to improve the quality of your products, ignite innovation, achieve predictability, boost close collaboration among technical and business people and increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

The training combines theory with real world cases to help the participants find out how they can apply the principles and methods in their own context.

Trainer was very experienced and could refer to real world examples.


CHA Exam & Certification

Certification for Certified Hardware Agilist (CHA) bestowed by Blinklane Consulting.


Two-day training program

The Agile for Finance & Control training is a two-day training program. Each day starts at 8:30 and ends at 17:00, and includes a [30-minute] lunch break and [an afternoon break]. The program consists of two active days during which considerable use is made of practical examples from our own experience. Additionally, there is plenty of opportunity to translate the acquired insights for the benefit of your own situation.

Day 1

Lesson 1: Why change?
Why is it necessary for an organization to adapt the work processes to the agile way of working? The need for agility, delivering value to the customer as quickly as possible, explained.

Lesson 2: Funds allocation in a fast-changing environment
In a rapidly changing environment it is difficult to operate without adjusting plans. How can the budgeting process handle this optimally?

Day 2

Lesson 3: Benefit tracking
In a world of innovation, there is a lot of uncertainty, this also applies to the products that are under development. How do you determine the value of the products under development and how do you determine at an early stage whether they are successful?

Lesson 4: Internal reporting
How do you record the results achieved.

Lesson 5: Making a start
There is no time to lose in this rapidly changing environment. Tools to make a start with a new approach and to put the things just learned into practice as quickly as possible.


This course is meant for, among others:

  • Finance and business professionals with responsibility for delivering effective and agile finance project management
  • Project and team leaders
  • Program managers
  • Business controllers
  • Managers F&C
  • Heads of PMO
  • Auditors and accountants


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