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Even though the Agile way of working is often linked to software, it is just as well an excellent method for developing hardware products. Discover what Agility can do for your company with the Agile for Hardware (CHA) training.
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The Training

This training is all about Lean and Agile practices for hardware product development and engineering. During this two-day course you will use Lean-Agile methodologies to accelerate time to market, enhance flexibility, improve product quality, foster innovation, boost collaboration and employee satisfaction.

By combining theory with real world cases, you will learn to apply the principles and methods to your own context. Among the discussed topics are:

  • Reducing time to market

  • Design approaches that enhance Agility (including eXtreme Manufacturing and Hardware MVP for 3D printers, CNC routers, laser cutters Augmented Reality)

  • Increase flexibility to handle changes in requirements and markets

  • Improve product quality

  • How to ignite innovation

  • Achieve predictability in project outcomes

  • Boost close collaboration among technical and business people

  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction

Trainer was very experienced and could refer to real world examples.

Who is it for?

Agile for Hardware (CHA) is suitable for hardware professionals from all industries. Especially professionals who are involved in developing hardware products and/or products that combine hardware and software design. Among past attendees were Engineers, Project- and Line managers, Senior executives and Inventors / innovators.

CHA Exam & Certification

The Agile for Hardware (CHA) training is a two-day training developed by BlinkLane Consulting and concluded with an exam. After the training and passing of the exam, you will acquire the title of certified Hardware Agilist. Afterwards, you will receive the official Agile for Hardware (CHA) certificate, provided by BlinkLane Consulting.

Course Program

Course program

Day 1 - From Lean/Agile fundamentals to design and project management

  • Introducing Lean-Agile fundamentals

  • Design for Agility

  • Agile Project Management

Day 2 - Knowledge on applying Lean-Agile to develop complex products,

focusing on partners, compliance and scaling up

  • Working with external vendors and suppliers

  • Lean-Agile and compliance

  • Scaling up Agility and adding complexity


Anyone may participate in this training. Of course, it is important that you work with hardware products or that you want to learn more about this topic.


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