Privacy for Professionals

Data, Security & Privacy
Clarity in the maze of privacy rules and regulations and how to integrate this into your organization in a workable and proactive way.
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A considerable and increasing share of our (professional) life takes place in the digital world. Developments in recent years have directly impacted this strong transition into a hybrid way of functioning. Rules and regulations around digital privacy are therefore oftentimes unexplored territory. Gladwell Academy is therefore offering the program ‘Privacy for Professionals’. This novel addition to our education portfolio provides clarity in the maze of rules and regulations and aides in integrating this knowledge into your organization in a workable and proactive way. It allows you to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to work with and share internally, without the need to take on a full-time privacy officer.

The program is delivered by trainers with active roles as privacy-consultants in both the private and public sector. Aimed at team leads and people in managerial roles, participants have the unique opportunity to engage in direct applications of theory and knowledge during this program. The trainers will share relevant knowledge along with on-the-job cases that are relevant to participants. This will allow for an immediate adoption and application of the knowledge to the relevant issues in your organization.

Privacy for Professionals is available in English & Dutch for In-Company clients. For further information what this program can do for your organization or to receive a quote, reach out to Marjolein Straathof.

Our Open Enrollment program for Privacy for Professionals is currently available in Dutch. For further information in Dutch, click below.