Gladwell Academy is part of a B-Corporation

Gladwell Academy, part of Highberg, can call itself a certified B Corporation, also known as B Corp. That is not only something we are very proud of but also what we strive for in our daily work. By becoming certified as a B Corp, we demonstrate our commitment to positively impacting the world and holding ourselves accountable for our actions on short and long term.

As a B Corp. We are part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact and we take this very seriously.

Why we are happy with this

There are several reasons why we are happy being part of Highberg Group, which is a B Corp.

  • We strive to be the best company to work for doing great assignments for our customers. We want our customers to be successful in their transitions towards sustainability and have impact. Both are fundamental principles of B Corp and fit ours very well.
  • We see what society asks from businesses. Less me and more we. Less focus on now and more on the future. Businesses can make a positive change to society and be a platform for good. The Highberg Group wants to be part of the solution building a better society and sustainable future. We want to be a relevant company.
  • We expect being a B Corp will be powerful for attracting and retaining customers and employees who are looking for businesses that are committed to social and environmental responsibility.
  • We believe that being a B Corp will be a win win win for our customers, employees, for society and environment and for The Highberg Group as a whole.

For all the companies within Highberg Group this means the upcoming period we will be prioritizing the action points and create a long term strategy plan in how we create business while we balance it with profit and purpose. This also contains goal setting to make more impact for 2024.

FAQ B-Corporation

How does Highberg measure its impact?

We define impact as the positive output and especially outcome of our work for our customers. We measure impact on several ways across the Hubs and coordinate to align in the future. We measure it qualitatively (asking the customer) and quantitatively (sending feedback surveys and ask a grade).

At the moment we are in the process of finding the right partners to measure the impact on different areas.

What will be next for us, being a B Corp?

Becoming a B Corp is a step up and a starting point for further improvement. All Hubs bring their own vision on ESG. All Hubs were previously involved in ESG and did their own good things. Now we are going to look at all best practices and create a strategy plan for the upcoming year(s). That's actually a very good outlook. We can learn from each other. We can set the best examples The Highberg Group standard. We will continue a Highberg level with ESG to get focus, with B Corp as a guiding framework. And off course powered by the Hubs.

What did we already do?

We (the Hubs and in Highberg) do and already did a lot on behalf of ESG, we changed our perspective and raised our

awareness, took decisions to do things different and did new things. These are recent changes, some with bigger impact than others, all heading in the good direction:

1. We updated the Highberg statutes and added a stakeholder perspective

2. We adjusted the Mission statement of Highberg and added a broader commitment to society and environment.

3. We changed our lease policy: all lease is now electric

4. We have a Mobility pass and stimulate public transport

5. We did a data driven research to diversity, equality and inclusiveness (DEI) in Highberg ans set this subject on the agenda.

6. We did a research to our energy consumption and footprint: Stimular research. We are an example to our sector with 75% electric cars, solar panels, green label housing, green energy etc.

7. We do waste management: old electronics go to a workshop, we recycle.

8. We stimulated our landlord to save energy.

9. We opt for local, smaller and greener service providers

10. We have an ethical policy, commission and process when choosing new customers.

11. VKA Fit: we bundled all kinds of arrangements to have happy employees

IT Aspects of B-Corp were we are working on currently

IT aspects of B-Corp:

  • Paperless office (reducing paper usage)
  • Printer standard on BW instead of color print
  • Printer standard on double-page printing
  • Follow-me printing
  • Cloud based cooperation tools
  • Digital document management
  • Enabling remote working (hybrid);
  • CRM can help understanding better customer preferences and needs (effectiveness);
  • e-learning to attract and retain staff,
  • IT supports a company's governance practices by enabling…
    • transparency,
    • accountability, and
    • compliance.

For example, governance frameworks can be digitized and automated to enhance efficiency and accuracy, while data analytics tools can help identify and mitigate risks and vulnerabilities.

What is in for me as a client, partner with working with a B Corp Company?

B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies that meet rigorous social and environmental standards. When you support a B Corp, you align your values with a business that prioritizes ethical practices, social responsibility, and sustainable operations. This means your purchase or partnership contributes to positive societal and environmental change.

B Corps focus on long-term sustainability rather than short-term profits. This approach can lead to more stable and enduring relationships with clients, as the company is committed to operating ethically and sustainably over time.

Supporting a B Corporation offers you a chance to contribute to positive change, align with ethical values, access transparent information, and receive products or services that are not only of high quality but also produced with consideration for people and the planet.