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Our top tips, tricks, and ideas for getting ahead in the Digital World in an Agile way.

Agile Manifesto | Principle 4

In the forthcoming weeks, we are exploring one Agile Manifesto principle or value every Tuesday. This week, it's Principle 4's turn.

Agile Manifesto | Principle 2 & 3

In the forthcoming weeks, we are exploring one Agile Manifesto principle or value of the Agile Manifesto every Tuesday. This week, we will explore Principle 2 & 3, which dive deeper into iterative & incremental solution development.

Free webinar: Discover Scrum Master archetypes

Watch this free Webinar about Scrum Master archetypes by Raul Barth.

Agile Manifesto | Principle 1

In the forthcoming weeks, we are exploring one Agile Manifesto principle or value every Tuesday. Let's start with Principle 1: Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable solutions.

Free Whitepaper: Psychological Ownership

Psychological Ownership is one of the most important aspects of an Agile Mindset. It also represents an example of where Agility requires a paradigm shift from how we used to think about responsibility as being accountable to a concept of responsibility that enables us to be autonomous & empowered actors. Thereby, the concept of psychological ownership allows us to transcend the paradox we often perceive between freedom and responsibility.

Introduction to the Agile Manifesto

In earlier blog posts, we discussed the significance of business agility in our ever-changing VUCA world and provided a detailed explanation of the Agile Mindset. Although our understanding of the Agile Mindset goes beyond the principles of the Agile Manifesto, we committed to writing a series of articles exploring the principles and values it embodies.

Free Whitepaper: Release Train Engineer

The Release Train Engineer (RTE) role has evolved since it has been introduced into the framework with the version SAFe. Learn everything you need to know about this key role in connecting strategy to execution in SAFe enterprise.

Agile Change Management

Hi, I’m Abram, pleasure to meet you! Covid made me, world traveler, sit at home. Adventure called in 2022, to move from the Netherlands to the South of France. A climate change. To learn more about behavior patterns of the French and digital engineering working culture. My trade is organization and behavior, which amounts to helping groups to collaborate towards meaningful outcomes. People in todays’ companies all too often assume collaboration and meaningful outcomes will be the result of written processes, job titles and common tooling.

Transformation Journeys: From Gaming to Government - Coaching Individuals & Organizations to Success

Agility in business has emerged as the need of the hour in today's fast-paced and ever-changing corporate landscape. In this webinar, you will find the guiding principles to maximize coaching impact for organizations and individuals in their transformation journeys. For each approach, our series guests from ICAgile shared experiential stories of real-world impact and provided tips for the audience.

Transformation Journeys: Nurturing a Culture of Learning Integrated into Daily Work

Ashley Poelhuis from Gladwell Academy talks with Leslie Morse from on how to to infuse a culture of continuous learning at work. Gladwell and Scrum.Org join forces to bring this content to you, drawing on the organizational transformation consulting that the companies have been providing around the globe.

Unveiling the Agile HR Revolution: A Q&A Exploration

In the past, the significance of the HR department in cultivating an Agile mindset across an organization has often been overlooked in a transformation. Join us as our Transformation Coach and Trainer Gaby Montens dives into the concept of Agile HR and explores its main qualities opposed to traditional HR practices in this interview-like article.

Part II | How Not to Become an #RTEvil

Now that we've uncovered the dark secrets of #RTEvil, it's time to learn how not to become one. Here are some tips for RTEs and RTEs-to-be.
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