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Unveiling new insights with the RTE of the Year 2022

In today’s fast-paced world, adaptability and collaboration are key. Because of this, the role of a Release Train Engineer (RTE) is extremely important, enabling organizations to successfully implement Agile ways of working. Every year, the RTE Summit brings these Agile orchestrators together to share their experiences, learn from one another, and immerse themselves in the wider RTE community. Every year, an “RTE of the Year” is also chosen, highlighting an individual at the top of their game within the RTE role.

Free whitepaper: Unlocking Succes with MVP

The world of product development is filled with uncertainties and risks. How can you ensure that your product will meet user needs, gain traction in the market, and achieve success?

Business Agility: The Vision

Explore how to navigate our complex world by living Business Agility. Embracing an agile mindset shifts the focus back to (customer) value and enables us to adapt and improve swiftly. Work becomes meaningful again and a joint endeavour. Such a transformation does not only benefit the customer, but also the organisation and employees. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Case Study: Philips

How Philips continued its organizational transformation by collaborating with Gladwell Academy to create a transformative e-learning platform.

Why should I become a team coach (Scrum Master)?

Discover the transformative power of being a Scrum Master and act as a team coach. Unleash teams' potential, foster growth, and drive Agile success in today's dynamic business landscape.

Free Whitepaper: Agile Coach - Driving your Agile Transformation

Ready to take charge of Agile transformations? Curious about Agile coaching? Let our whitepaper about the Agile Coach role be your roadmap to success

Scrum Master and Release Train Engineer as Flow Optimizers.

Raul Barth (Agile Coach, Scrum Master and SAFe trainer) has written an article about the role of Scrum Master and Release Train Engineers in the new SAFe 6.0 framework.

How to facilitate if you don't understand the topic very well?

Not knowing a lot about a topic should not be a problem: As a facilitator, you guide a conversation but don’t act as a content owner. There is one prerequisite though - It helps to speak the language and broadly understand the topic.

What to do if discussions drag on and become too long?

People like talking about their work, their effort and what they believe in, which can sometimes lead to the side effect of discussions starting to drag.

How to avoid becoming too strict with facilitation guidelines?

Since you will be following your preparation plan, there is a pitfall you become too strict in your facilitation. It is important to stay open for feedback throughout the process and always keep the group’s agenda above your own.

What should you do with a participant that is too talkative?

Resistance within a group shows itself in different ways. One of them is a participant being too talkative, which might block other participants from speaking up.

How to prevent topic trailing?

The reasons why a group derails from a topic are context dependant. Therefore, it is hard to tackle this beforehand. However, there are some measures to take in the unfortunate event topic trailing arises.
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