Digital Learning

We create digital learning experiences for organizations on any topic. We apply the latest gamification and storytelling techniques to make sure that your online course is sure to be completed and remembered.

Why start with Digital Learning?

Video-based: to fully engage learners and cater to a wide variety of learning styles, we use short videos throughout each training.

Interactive design: to help people apply what they've learned, we implement varied interactions and exercises.

Customizable: we can customize as much or as little as you want, including branding, language, interactions and videos.​

Meets your standards: we meet your corporate standards in terms of delivery, branding and accessibility.​

Unlock the Power of Digital Learning for Your Organization

Digital Learning is the key to staying ahead in today's ever-evolving business landscape. Let us show you how to leverage its potential and drive meaningful growth for your organization.

I just began this course at Philips and I'm impressed with the structure of this course. We all have many experiences with e-learning and I may tell you that this the first one I'm totally engaged, even with a subject that is quite new for me. Congratulations!
HR Manager at Philips

Video Based Learning

Video allows us to combine camera footage, animation, graphics, text and audio, which makes it suitable for many different learning styles. By using short videos through each learning experience, we fully engage learners.

Fully Customized Video based Digital Learning experience for Philips - Read More in the Case Study

Interactive Design

To enable learners to put what they've learned in action, we use a variety of interactive elements in our digital learning experiences.

Knowledge checks

To help learners retain new knowledge, we add in frequent knowledge checks such as quizzes and short exercises. The drag-and-drop interaction in the image on the left is an example of such an exercise. ​

Scenarios with interactive video

To help learners bridge the gap between our learning experience and their reality, we can design custom scenarios. In these scenarios, learners put their newly gained knowledge into practice while remaining in a safe learning environment.​

Additional elements

We can design any interactive element you can imagine, from hot spots to branching paths and personalized advice. We can even implement gamification principles, such as achievements and leaderboards.

Customizable Modules

By optimally using the digital tools at our disposal, we can create an online training that's not just unique, but also highly engaging for SE leaders.

Recognizable for your employees

We take special care to translate your corporate identity into our learning experiences. That includes fonts, colors, icons and images. In most of our learning experiences, we even get your coworkers in front of the camera.​

Modular design using Agile principles

Once a learning experience is finished, it's often hard to update. That's why we advise building them in a modular and Agile way. This way, they are easy to optimize during the building process... and after!​

Localized for any language

We can translate your learning experience in any language. That includes the e-learning texts, video texts and subtitles. We can even dub your learning experience with professional voiceovers.

Meets Your Standards

Our learning experiences are a) compliant with WCAG 2.1AA / Section 508 for as much as modern authoring tools allow, b) delivered in SCORM or a web-based format, and c) responsive on all devices.

Read the Case Study: Philips

Agile360 For Teams at Philips

The request: Philips asked us to create a four-step learning journey to enable all their teams to embrace the Agile360 mindset of working. The first step in this learning journey was an informative yet interactive e-learning.

Our solution: We proposed to make five modules with short, interactive lessons, quizzes and lots of engaging videos.​

Thank you for recommending the Agile 360 Essentials course. I LOVED it! I plan to reach out to coach to learn more about the path to Scrum Master.
Jessica, Philips

The result: With over 30 short videos, over 20 leaders and employees from Philips involved in front of the camera and an average course rating of 4.8/5, the online training was a big success.

Start Your Journey

How to start Your Organizations Digital Learning Journey

Digital Learning can play a pivotal role in the broader Transformation Journey of your entire organization. It has the power to drive growth, enhance skills, and foster a culture of continuous learning. To explore the possibilities and discover how digital learning can benefit your organization, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our experienced team will guide you through the process and help you unlock the full potential of digital learning tailored to your organization's unique needs. Contact us today and take the first step towards an interactive and transformative learning experience for your organization.

Unlock the Power of Digital Learning for Your Organization

Digital Learning is the key to staying ahead in today's ever-evolving business landscape. Let us show you how to leverage its potential and drive meaningful growth for your organization.