Transformation Journeys

Experience true enterprise growth with the Transformation Journeys by Gladwell Academy. Centered around the context and needs of your organization, our Journeys are always tailor-made and designed for your growth and development.
Because every Transformation Journey is different.

Transformation Journeys: From Gaming to Government - Coaching Individuals & Organizations to Success

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Agility in business has emerged as the need of the hour in today's fast-paced and ever-changing corporate landscape. In this webinar, you will find the guiding principles to maximize coaching impact for organizations and individuals in their transformation journeys. For each approach, our series guests from ICAgile shared experiential stories of real-world impact and provided tips for the audience.
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Transformation Journeys: Nurturing a Culture of Learning Integrated into Daily Work

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Ashley Poelhuis from Gladwell Academy talks with Leslie Morse from on how to to infuse a culture of continuous learning at work. Gladwell and Scrum.Org join forces to bring this content to you, drawing on the organizational transformation consulting that the companies have been providing around the globe.
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Transformation Journeys: Theory & Practice in Enabling Agile Self-Organization

Free Webinar
Organizational change provokes strong emotions within an organization. Even the most obviously needed change can be brought to a screeching halt when it is super-imposed. Our Transformation Journey webinar series is all about providing you with the theoretical context of change through self-organization. We apply this to real-life instances to showcase how an understanding of the theory can help putting change into practice.
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Enable powerful change in behavior and culture

True growth at scale comes from applied learning unlocked in practice. That’s why learning and coaching are at the heart of the Transformation Journey. During this process we aim to transform the culture and behavior of your organization for sustainable growth.

Tailored to meet your needs and co-created with you, we kick off with a Journey Mapping Workshop: the first step in structuring a personalized journey for any stage of your company's transformation. Within just half a day, you will know the essentials to achieve your desired goals.

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Every step of the way


Prepare or reskill for a role
Every transformation involves people. Our Journeys prepare talent for new challenges or add new knowledge that immediately can be practically applied to your work environment.
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Achieve an outline milestone
All heading in the same direction and with the necessary resources to achieve a common goal - that's what makes a team. Our solution for Teams prepares groups by unlocking new skills through learning and coaching.
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Pave the way to transform your organization
Our program drives cultural, behavioral, and operational change. If you need a deep transformation at an enterprise scale, our journeys will pave the way to transform.
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What can you expect?

We believe every journey deserves to be inspired by very clear goals. Discover what you will achieve on your Transformation Journey:

  • Tailor-made to your context and needs, our Transformation Journey is uniquely designed to achieve your growth and development.
  • Measurable improvements and benefits on all levels, including employee engagement, productivity rates and competitive advantage.
  • Bringing together work experience, applied coaching, and learning in a fully holistic approach to create measurable impact on your entire ecosystem.
  • Creating a culture of innovation and growth through continuous learning, and inspired creativity.

Achieved through multiple resources such as:

Journey Mapping Workshop

To get you from where you are to where you want to be:
Our half-day workshop aims to facilitate everyone involved in your Transformation Journey to achieve the clear outcomes that you need to achieve effective behavior and cultural change.

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Gladwell understands our need for Agility and collaborates with us to break down complexity, create and implement a Transformation Journey.
Priscilla Dunant Maurits-van Wijngaarden, Head of the Global Agile Practice at Philips

Our Customers

Companies such as Unilever and Philips have already embarked on their Transformation Journeys. Get inspired by their experiences below:

Philips enhances global team efficiency with tailored Agile Transformation Journey

Philips is one of the world’s leading companies. Together we created a tailor-made Transformation Journey, to help Philips adopt Agile working practices so they could improve continuity and effectiveness among teams around the world. Want to know more?

Thank you Gladwell, for the Transformation Journey that allowed us to reset our mindset, analyze more deeply, and improve our internal culture. As a result, team connections improved, and task response time increased.
Tatiana Slavets, R&D Manager at Unilever 

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Are you interested in learning the key factors needed to ensure a successful transformation? Just try our quick-scan!

Our Trusted Partners

A path to Transformation is not realized alone. Check out who will be with us on your Journey: