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Maximum learning efficiency

Gladwell Academy's ultimate objective is to achieve maximum learning efficiency. How do we ensure you get the most out of your training?

Experienced trainers

The trainers at Gladwell Academy are all experts in their field. They continuously focus on achieving Gladwell Academy's goals and belong to the prestigious group of qualified trainers selected to ensure that all training sessions are of the highest quality.

Quality matters

We offer high-quality courses, tailored to your personal skills, level and knowledge.

We translate theory into practice

Our trainers have extensive practical experience. Through our trainers and the assistance of many guest speakers, with diverse skills, Gladwell Academy is able to provide courses where we translate complex theories into (your personal) practice.

In-company is always possible

All courses offered by Gladwell Academy are also available in-company (at your home office location). This might be of interest to you if you need to train several colleagues at once, or if you would like to adjust the training to accommodate your specific situation.

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Abram Janse
Abram Janse
Agile, SAFe 
Florian van Santen
Florian van Santen
Agile, SAFe, Data Strategy 
Joe Vallone
Joe Vallone
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