Gladwell Academy

Ever since our company’s inception in 2014, Gladwell Academy has been a leading institution in advocating and bringing about Agile Transformations. We have done so through our scheduled courses, through in-company trainings at globally operating businesses, and on dedicated consulting assignments.

Gladwell Academy is proud to be a Highberg Group company. The Highberg Group is constituted of Blinklane Consulting, VKA, House of Performance, Schickler and Gladwell Academy and focusses on transformation processes at the forefront of business agility, data, IT and privacy. With its in-house expertise, the Highberg Group offers full spectrum business transformations. Ranging from knowledge transfer to direct implementation and process optimizing, through training, coaching and consulting.

The range of courses and services offered at Gladwell Academy, as well as the amplitude of ways to ensure individuals and businesses continue to grow and stay ahead of the competition, has established Gladwell Academy’s authority in Agile Transformations. We are best known for our expertise with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), being one of the first to introduce the framework in Europe and India.

We practice what we preach
The explanation of our success in such a relatively short time frame and on such a global scale serves as the company’s business card and is as obvious as it seems: working Agile! Gladwell Academy is shaped around cross functional, self-organizing teams that have people hailing from various industry backgrounds. From manufacturing to software development. and engineering to the cultural sector.

All of us are always working together towards achieving dedicated goals and delivering measurable results in time-boxed increments. Starting from the idea to ‘practice what you preach’, our trainers and consultants maintain active roles in the corporate world, each bringing their unique experience with them in trainings and on assignments.

What intrinsically drives all of us at Gladwell Academy is the desire to train and equip the global leaders of tomorrow’s business.

Why the need for Agile?
We ourselves understand that implementing business agility and digital transformation has become a necessity for contemporary businesses. The only way to thrive in a highly competitive and ever-changing global marketplace is by working in responsive anticipation, rather than in reactive responsiveness. Such an approach requires constant adjustment and assessment from our end. Setting clear and measurable objectives while maintaining the flexibility to incorporate new developments is an integral component of the process, along with the ability to self-organize around value -- that's what truly marks an Agile Business.

What motivates us
As our CEO Miranda Goossens puts it, “What intrinsically drives all of us at Gladwell Academy is the desire to train and equip the global leaders of tomorrow’s business. We are here to coach, mentor, and support these people. We believe in a job well done, and our success is reflected in seeing these leaders take on an Agile Transformation and making it their own. We are here to provide them with the right tools to be successful and give a little push in the right direction."

100+ Experienced trainers
We are proud to have a strong team of certified experts in the field of digital transformation.

250+ Clients in transformations
Digital transformations we’ve guided by setting up fully customized internal academies.

8.5 Average rating
Our training services are rated with an average of 8.5/10 on training platform Springest.

100.000+ Professionals trained
Participants who have been guided by us in their digital transformation.

75+ Cities
We provide transformational courses all over the world.

7+ Years of experience
Gladwell Academy has been persistent in transforming the digital world since 2014, operating in collaboration with its parent company since 2007, before becoming its own entity.

Where we train

With offices in Amsterdam, Paris, and Bangalore, we can provide best-in-class, hands-on trainings anywhere at a moment’s notice. Our internationally seasoned trainers are fluent in English and often in one or more other languages as well.

Why choose Gladwell Academy?

Wherever your transformation, choose Gladwell Academy education.

High-level education programs
All our programs are designed to provide best-in class learning results, supported by high-end learning facilities.

Available around the world
With programs regularly delivered in locations across the globe, there’s always an option close to your location.

Our trainers: the experts in their field
A tight-knit team of in-house trainers, and a closely curated network of top trainers available on-call.

We value the synergy of a full-service approach in transformation.

Consulting & training

Gladwell Academy is part of the Highberg Group, an umbrella that allows us to communicate continuously with the expert consultants of BlinkLane Consulting and a number of other qualified international consulting firms. Additionally, with trainers natively fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Dutch, we are well-versed in all corners of the globe.

Internal Academies
At multiple clients, we have taken on the task of setting up entire internal training academies, educating thousands of people in a wide variety of roles and knowledge levels.