How to ensure return on digitalization

Learn how to draw a goal-oriented picture for your company. At the end of the training you will be able to understand and evaluate the most important features, advantages and potential benefits of relevant technologies from the user’s perspective. You will understand what stands behind the main procedures and tools and how you can contribute to the success of digitization measures.

This course is offered through our partner UMS Consulting.

I want to

  • Actively participate in and support the topic of digitalization in my company
  • Be perceived as a competent discussion partner on the subject of digitalization
  • Optimal support for digitalization projects in my role as a manager

I need …

  • An understanding of when digitalization is the right solution for us and on what the success of digitalization depends
  • Basic knowledge regarding new technologies, their application possibilities and benefits
  • An idea of the procedures and tools that can be used to implement digitalization projects and what this means for me as a manager

I’m prepared to, …

  • Learn together with other managers and exchange experiences around the topic of digitalization
  • Digitalization from scratch to rethink
  • Get to know new technologies in a playful way
  • To go through a lot of material in a short time

I will …

  • Recognize which potentials arise for the achievement of strategic goals
  • Get to know the 10 principles of digitisation
  • Deal with new technologies and use them to solve a criminal case
  • Get to know typical procedures and tools for digitalization
  • Type
  • Maximum number of participants:20
  • Language:
  • Lunch included:does not apply
  • Exam:Yes
  • Incompany:Yes