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Andres Jansen is Senior Trainer at Gladwell Academy.

He is SAFe Program Consultant Trainer Candidate (SPCT) and thought leader ‘Agile in Control’. He inspires controllers and auditors in leading enterprises like Schiphol, AirFrance and national financial institutions, with his framework to improve grip, defining Agile-KPIs and Transformation Dashboards.

His background as HW-engineer, BI-developer and intensive work with change-guru Ben Tiggelaar, helps him to adapt, to master complex situations and to secure support in workshops and Agile transformation programs.

Andres has set-up, trained and long-term supported Agile Release Trains in Australia, USA, Germany and The Netherlands and worked with remote teams in India and China. He currently is at ASML, implementing SAFe in World’s most complex environment, building lithography systems for e.g. Intel and Samsung. He has ‘skin in the game’ as interim RTE, supporting multifunctional Teams (HW, SW, Electro, Purging, ..) in becoming more self-organizing, improving purpose and flow of value.

He is founder/host of the yearly RTE-Summit, certified Scaled Agile Program Consultant and SPCT Candidate, qualified to teach and examine all Scaling Agile training courses: SAFe Agilist (SA), SAFe Practitioner (SP), SAFe PM/PO (SPMPO), SAFe Scrum Master (SM), SAFe PM/PO (PMPO). He is also certified LeSS practitioner and qualified to teach and examine Agile Scrum Foundation.

Andres is the chairman of the RTE Summit, which takes place annually in Amsterdam.

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