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Marijt Weerts

Marijt Weerts is a certified Senior Agile coach and Release Train Engineer (RTE).

She has a Black Belt in Lean and, she is a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO). She is also a Validated SPC Co-Trainer, with more than 10 years of experience in implementing Agile and Lean at complex international organizations.

Marijt felt inspired to become a transformation coach/leader after seeing a lot of companies struggle to keep up in the contemporary Digital Age. She noticed them struggling particularly with issues such as late delivery or delivery of incorrect items. Marijt understands that a lot of companies find it difficult to be Agile or use Agile in the right way, and she loves to help these organizations overcome their problems by restoring a sense of entrepreneurship within the employees.

Marijt combines a results-driven mentality with the ability to motivate people to adjust to change. Her creative attitude often leads to unexpected results. She coaches and motivates teams to be successful and to achieve maximum result. She has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands). She is incredibly passionate about her job, and she believes that all frameworks and mindsets are only effective if individuals understand the 'why' behind what they do, and if they trust in their common sense.

Marijt is decisive, enterprising, has a results-oriented approach, and is socially skilled and involved. Outside of her work, she loves to go out and explore with family and friends. Past project work of Marijt's includes, but is not limited to, work in the Government, Bank and Insurance companies, small non-software-related companies, and an Agile Lifecycle Management company.

Good balance between theory and practice. I especially loved how Marijt managed to always fuel our imagination.

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