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Tanja van Dijk

Tanja van Dijk is a certified IC Agile trainer who loves sharing her knowledge and experiences as an Agile Coach.

She provokes thinking by asking questions to the participants, and she facilitates conversations to ensure that everybody is learning, including herself.

Tanja is passionate about helping organizations to continuously improve and humanize. She strongly believes a mindset-shift is key to a successful transformation. Tanja has a strong eye for the human aspects of change. And, building personal leadership is one of her secret missions, so that people will get empowered by their leaders and will act upon this empowerment.

Next to being an Agile Coach, Tanja is a certified Team Coach and Co-Active Coach. This expertise is deployed to help teams to function better and to empower individuals in their role as Agile Coach or Scrum Master, for example.

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