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Running for the future, we repeat the past

by Arend Ardon of The Change Studio
How familiar is this ... we run all day in organizations. So many plans to develop, meetings to visit and instruments to roll-out. Good, because this way we keep improving things.
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Building group resilience in an ever changing world

by Dr. Kilian Wawoe
We live in a time, where multiple disruptions interact with each other. Besides, high inflation, climate change, global instability, work has changed fundamentally. Since internet we did not need to go to the office
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Meeting Complexity with Simplicity

by Andy Golding of Sastrify
The world of work is changing and there is no stopping it. It is easy to default to meeting these changes with 'more'; more complexity, more regulation, and more attempts at control.
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Organizational Topologies: Improving organizational results with adaptivity that fits

by Alexey Krivitsky and Roland Flemm of OrgTopologies
An essential meta objective of every business is to stay relevant for as long as possible. It requires an adaptive organizational design that is geared to deal with the unknown.
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Rationalism vs. Empathy

by Ralph van Raat and Aniek de Rooij
One of the biggest challenges for any business leader is to keep the right balance between the mind and the heart. If there is any parallel to be drawn in which the line between those is decisive on its success and appeal, it is music.
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AI Amplified: Unleashing the Potential of Agile Coaches in the Age of Digital Transformation

by Eduardo Alvim of Gladwell Academy
In the era of digital transformation, Agile methodologies have gained significant traction, leading to an increased demand for skilled Agile Coaches.
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