Agile Coach Conference 2023

June 22, 2023
PHIL Haarlem (15 min. from Amsterdam), The Netherlands
Europe's largest and most inspiring Agile Coach Conference will be held on the 22nd of June 2023. Your Agile work drives measurable change in organizations across the globe.

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We have an incredible line-up of keynotes, speakers and workshops for you. Get ready to be inspired, to learn and to have fun at the Agile Coach Conference 2023. Take a look at our amazing speakers and program outline below.

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Arend Ardon | The Change Studio

09:30 - Kickoff: Getting ready for todays journey
Renate Cremer | Host

09:45 - Opening act: Running for the future, we repeat the past
Arend Ardon | The change studio

10:30 - Talk 1: Building group resilience in an ever changing world
Dr. Kilian Wawoe | VU University

11:15 - Coffee & Connect

11:30 - Parallel Workshops* (See below for more info)
Round 1 | Share, vent, learn and engage with your fellow coaches and transformation experts

12:30 - Lunch & Connect

13:30 - Network booster

13:45 - Talk 2: Meeting Complexity with Simplicity
Andy Golding | Sastrify

Aniek de Rooij & Ralph van Raat | Producer & Musicologist

14:40 - Parallel Workshops* (See below for more info)
Round 2 | Share, vent, learn and engage with your fellow coaches and transformation experts

15:40 - Coffee & Connect

16:00 - Talk 3: Organizational Topologies: Improving organizational results with adaptivity that fits
Roland Flemm & Alexey Krivitsky | OrgTopologies

16:45 - Closing act - Rationalism vs Empathy
Ralph van Raat | Musicologist & Aniek de Rooij | Composer

17:45 - Wrap up: Bringing you back to reality
Renate Cremer | Host

17:50 - Cheers, Chats, and Connections

** Meeting specials
AI Amplified, Eduardo Alvim - Start a thought-provoking conversation that delves into the intersection of artificial intelligence and coaching.

System coaching, Shannon Ewan - Your opportunity to book a 1-1 with ICagile on system coaching, enhanced growth, empowered individuals, and the revolution in the coaching landscape.


Workshop 1 - Quantifying and measuring the Agile mindset, in everything we do - Irma Doze | AnalitiQs & Priscilla Dunant Maurits, Rene van Os, Benjamin Zaczek, Jabeen Mussarath| Phillips

Workshop 2 - Standing in possibilities - Abram Janse | Trainer & Advisor & Jeffrey van Kippersluis | Rabobank

Workshop 3 - Personal leadership: starting with you - Marijke ten Have, Simone Thien & Danique Meulensteen | House of Performance

Workshop 4 - Listen to the System: Leading Change by Working with Emergence - Shannon Ewan | IC Agile

Workshop 5 - Evidence-Based Guided Learning - Leslie Morse |

Open space - Transformation to the rescue - Dennis Mansell & Gaby Montens | Gladwell Academy

Change Is Constant, The Impact Is Yours

Bringing together all Agilists, Coaches and Change Agents at Gladwell Academy’s annual Agile Coach Conference. Increasing numbers of companies are embracing agile ways of working to keep up with technological developments, unpredictable external factors and rapid changing demands in the market. This conference is for you, the champions of business agility and the conductors of change.

This event will bring you

  • A transformational journey on its own: This content driven day is thoughtfully created by more than 20 agile experts. They will challenge your assumptions. In order for you to be open minded throughout the rest of the day. It will deepen your knowledge on business agility and bridge that to your role as an agile coach in the transformation.
  • The workshops will provide you hand and feet to grow your impact within your organization. With workshops to strengthen you in creating the most impact possible. Not simply stories but insights that provide energy and growth.
  • Momentum to meet your fellow agile coaches and to meet new ones. You are not alone in the process of change behavior, organizational setup, or transformational challenges. There are so many stories to share!

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Meet Our Expert Line-up

Arend Ardon

Social psychologist and co-founder at The Change Studio
With his team Arend develops and facilitates change and leaderschip journeys for companies. He lectures at various Business Schools.
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Andy Golding

Remote Work Manager at Sastrify
Andy Golding is a TEDx speaker and co-author of the book 'We Are Still Human, and work shouldn't suck'. Andy ran an employee experience design firm for almost a decade,
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Dr. Kilian Wawoe

Researcher/lecturer at VU University and public speaker
Dr. Kilian Wawoe worked as a personnel manager at ABN-AMRO in various countries. In 2010 he obtained his PhD in organizational psychology at the VU University in Amsterdam.
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Leslie Morse

Host podcast at Women in Agile /
Business Analyst by trade, collaborative entrepreneur at heart, Leslie is a passionate leader focused on cultivating environments where continuous learning is the heartbeat calling forward everyone's greatest potential.
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Ralph van Raat

Master pianist and Musicologist
Ralph van Raat has been completely fascinated by classical music of the twentieth century since the age of 14. Although his repertoire ranges from Bach to Boulez, his primary focus has always been on composers dating from Debussy, Bartók and Ives to present day masters.
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Shannon Ewan

Managing Director at ICAgile
Shannon is a collaborative leader and business consulting professional with considerable experience in IT solutions .
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The part I am looking forward to the most is getting inspired and being energized, so I can go to my teams and bring the energy that I feel here to them.
Peter Degreef - Engie

Interactive Workshops - choose two

Listen to the System: Leading Change by Working with Emergence

by Shannon Ewan of ICAgile
Fundamentally, organizational transformation is about human change. Leading such change relies on a profound awareness of and ability to work with emergence in human systems.
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Standing in possibilities

by Abram Janse and Jeffrey van Kippersluis
Has it occurred to you that you live and can choose? Would you like to expand your influence? As a coach professional, our work is a mirror to our clients and ourselves.
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Quantifying and measuring the Agile mindset, in everything we do.

by Irma Doze of AnalitiQs and Philips
Quantifying and measuring the Agile mindset, in everything we do: How to get the insights to steer a successful Agile transformation?
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Evidence-Based Guided Learning: A transformative way to approach on-the-job learning

by Leslie Morse of
In this workshop, you'll have a chance to work with Leslie Morse on developing your ability to meet people where they are and design learning journeys that put empiricism at the forefront of how
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Personal Leadership: starting with you

by Marijke ten Have
"I'm starting with the (wo)man in the mirror. Because if you want to make the world a better place, You first take a look at yourself and then make a change."
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Open Space

by Dennis Mansell and Gaby Montens of Gladwell Academy
Tackle your challenges together with our Gladwell Coaching team
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The Venue: PHIL Haarlem

Phil Haarlem is one of the five oldest theatres in the Netherlands. This Dutch monument is lovingly called a 'bonbonniere' by the locals, which means so much as a small, ornate box for candy. The intimate theatre of Stadsschouwburg Haarlem forms a fabulous setting for the Agile Coach Conference 2023.

The venue is located just 15 minutes from Amsterdam. You can get there easily from Amsterdam Central, Schiphol or any other station in Amsterdam. The venue address is: Lange Begijnestraat 11 2011 HH Haarlem.

Visit Phil's website

How to get there:
By train - from Haarlem station it's a 10 minute walk - find your personal route on Google Maps
By bus
- from Haarlem station 50 'busstop Stadsschouwburg' - find your personal route:
By car - 5 minutes from the A200 - find your personal route on Google Maps

Parking options:

Parking garage Appelaar at Damstraat 12, walk of 2 minutes
Parking garage De Kamp
, De Witstraat 1, walk of 8 minutes
Parking garage Raaks at Zijlvest 45, walk of 9 minutes

Group Discount?

Change is constant, the impact is yours! That's why the Agile Coach Conference is your event. Feel free to bring along your peers to share the knowledge at this unique, annual event. Contact Geertje de Jong for any questions or if you’d like to learn about group discount rates.

Geertje de Jong
+31 (0)6- 428 739 42

Hearing how our programs impact attendees is always invaluably rewarding. After almost 2 decades serving in the British Army, Mike Dawson joined us at Gladwell Academy’s 2022 Agile Coach Conference to learn more about Agile and help introduce Agile ways of working into the British Ministry of Defense. Read on to find out how Agile can impact even the most traditional of organizations, and how Mike’s experience at the conference “fundamentally shifted [his] mindset”

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