Agile Coach Conference 2023

June 22, 2023
Philharmonie in Haarlem (15 min. from Amsterdam), The Netherlands
The leading event for Agile Coaches will be held on the 22nd of June 2023. Your agile work drives measurable change in organizations across the globe.

"Change Is Constant, The Impact Is Yours"

Bringing together all Agilists, Coaches and Change Agents at Gladwell Academy’s annual Agile Coach Conference. Increasing numbers of companies are embracing agile ways of working to keep up with technological developments, unpredictable external factors and rapid changing demands in the market. This conference is for you, the champions of business agility and the conductors of change.

What's on the Agenda

As we continue to curate our line-up of impact makers in the world of Agility, we hope you are as excited about this year’s Agile Coach Conference as we are. We've got the latest program ready for you! Curious?

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Our motto is to ‘Be Better Than Yesterday’, and we are committed to exceed last year’s conference! We promise you an Agile Coach Conference that will have you talking for weeks to come. About the speakers, the workshops, the location and the quality of your learnings.

As an Agile Coach I would like...

  • More than 20 experienced Agile Coach experts from around the world sharing their insights and best practices.
  • Interactive workshops led by Agile experts to develop new skills and strategies for coaching teams to success.
  • Unique networking opportunities with like-minded professionals to exchange ideas and build new connections in the Agile community.

Get Ready to be Inspired: Game-changing Sessions

Work post pandemic

by Dr. Kilian Wawoe
We live in a time, where multiple disruptions interact with each other. Besides, high inflation, climate change, global instability, work has changed fundamentally. Since internet we did not need to go to the office
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Meeting Complexity with Simplicity

by Andy Golding of Sastrify
The world of work is changing and there is no stopping it. It is easy to default to meeting these changes with 'more'; more complexity, more regulation, and more attempts at control.
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Rationalism vs. Empathy

by Ralph van Raat and Aniek de Rooij
One of the biggest challenges for any business leader is to keep the right balance between the mind and the heart. If there is any parallel to be drawn in which the line between those is decisive on its success and appeal, it is music.
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Measuring the ROI on your interventions

by Irma Doze of AnalitiQs
Measuring the ROI (Return on Investment) of an Agile transformation can be challenging as it involves many intangible benefits.
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Organizational Topologies: Improving organizational results with adaptivity that fits

by Alexey Krivitsky and Roland Flemm of OrgTopologies
An essential meta objective of every business is to stay relevant for as long as possible. It requires an adaptive organizational design that is geared to deal with the unknown.
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Standing in possibilities

by Abram Janse, Sr. Organization coach
Has it occurred to you that you live and can choose? Would you like to expand your influence? As a coach professional, our work is a mirror to our clients and ourselves.
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The part I am looking forward to the most is getting inspired and being energized, so I can go to my teams and bring the energy that I feel here to them.
Pieter de Greef - Engie

Meet Our Expert Line-up

Renate Cremer

Chairwoman at ACC and Senior Coach and trainer at Gladwell Academy
Renate Cremers’ interest in learning and growth is rooted in her background as a labor and organisation psychologist. She specialised in Training & Development and has been actively involved in innovating HR processes as an HR Business Partner for companies operating globally.
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Dr. Kilian Wawoe

Researcher/lecturer at VU University and public speaker
Dr. Kilian Wawoe worked as a personnel manager at ABN-AMRO in various countries. In 2010 he obtained his PhD in organizational psychology at the VU University in Amsterdam.
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Andy Golding

Remote Work Manager at Sastrify
Andy Golding is a TEDx speaker and co-author of the book 'We Are Still Human, and work shouldn't suck'. Andy ran an employee experience design firm for almost a decade,
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Ralph van Raat

Master pianist and Musicologist
Ralph van Raat has been completely fascinated by classical music of the twentieth century since the age of 14. Although his repertoire ranges from Bach to Boulez, his primary focus has always been on composers dating from Debussy, Bartók and Ives to present day masters.
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Aniek de Rooij

Music composer and producer
Aniek's love for science-fiction permeates throughout everything she does. Her live performances flex immeasurable skill as a tech-savvy producer able to construct danceable, yet simultaneously lush and expansive interludes
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Niels Groen

Managing Partner and SPCT at BlinkLane Consulting
Niels is Managing Partner at BlinkLane Consulting and Senior trainer at Gladwell Academy. He holds a PhD in Policy and Governance, based on his research on escalating public IT- projects, and a Master’s degree in International Business.
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Alexey Krivitsky

Founder at OrgTopologies
Alexey Krivitsky (CST) started using Scrum since 2005. Being both a developer and a front-runner agilist, Alexey played an important role to initiate the Agile Ukraine community.
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Irma Doze

Managing partner/Data consultant at AnalitiQs
'Turning data into profit', is both the personal passion of Irma Doze, and the mission of her company AnalitiQs. With a background in all forms of intelligence: data management, market research, (predictive) analytics and reporting
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Roland Flemm

Founder at OrgTopologies
Roland Flemm (PST) became a Scrum Master in 2009 closing his 20-year career as a developer and infrastructure specialist. Roland grew into international agile consulting with a focus on large Scale Scrum (LeSS) adoptio
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Paul van der Haar

Senior Consultant and Trainer at Blinklane Consulting and Gladwell Academy
Paul has a background in International Relations and is accustomed to analyzing challenges with a multi-disciplinary approach.
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Marijke ten Have

Partner and Consultant at House of Performance
Marijke is partner, senior consultant and executive coach at House of Performance. She works with a passionated team developing tailor-made leadership- & culture development programs.
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Abram Janse

Organization coach and Freelance trainer & advisor
Experienced senior advisor (consult, coach, train) with a demonstrated history of working with international clients to increase business results and organizational health.
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Early Bird Before April 1st

For a very limited time only we offer you the opportunity to secure your ticket, programme-unseen, at the Early Bird price of €699 instead of the regular price of €799. This offer closes on April the 1st, 5pm CET.

Last years Agile Coach Conference

Interactive Workshops - choose two

Standing in possibilities

by Abram Janse, Sr. Organization coach
Has it occurred to you that you live and can choose? Would you like to expand your influence? As a coach professional, our work is a mirror to our clients and ourselves.
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Measuring the ROI on your interventions

by Irma Doze of AnalitiQs
Measuring the ROI (Return on Investment) of an Agile transformation can be challenging as it involves many intangible benefits.
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Breaking Through Barriers: Five Practical Tips for Successful Transformations

by Paul van der Haar of Blinklane Consulting
Overcoming barriers in transformation is key to achieving success, but it's not always easy. In this 45-minute workshop, you'll learn practical tips for overcoming barriers in the 5 different stages of transformation: Initiate, Validate, Scale, and Sustain
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Leadership coaching: Starting with you

by Marijke ten Have
"I'm starting with the (wo)man in the mirror. Because if you want to make the world a better place, You first take a look at yourself and then make a change."
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LaaS: Leadership-as-a-Skill

by Niels Groen of Blinklane
Several professions have clearly defined leadership skills, on which leaders in those professions are selected, trained, developed, and evaluated. From the military to aviation it is understood
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Get inspired by the Sensational Venue

Venue: PHIL Haarlem

PhIL Haarlem is one of the five oldest theatres in the Netherlands. This Dutch monument is lovingly called a 'bonbonniere' by the locals, which means so much as a small, ornate box for candy. The intimate theatre of Stadsschouwburg Haarlem forms a fabulous setting for the Agile Coach Conference 2023.

The venue is located just 15 minutes from Amsterdam. You can get there easily from Amsterdam Central, Schiphol or any other station in Amsterdam. The venue address is: Lange Begijnestraat 11 2011 HH Haarlem

How to get there:

  • By train: from Haarlem station it's a 10 minute walk
  • By bus: from Haarlem station 50 'busstop Stadsschouwburg' - find your personal route:
  • By car: 5 minutes from the A200 - find your personal route:
Parking options:
  • Parking garage Houtplein at Wagenmakerslaan 1 is a 9 minutes walk to the venue
  • Parking Raaks at Zijlvest 45 is an 8 minutes walk to the venue

Group Discount?

Change is constant, the impact is yours! That's why the Agile Coach Conference is your event. Feel free to bring along your peers to share the knowledge at this unique, annual event. Contact Geertje de Jong for any questions or if you’d like to learn about group discount rates.

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