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On this page, you can watch some videos which were recorded during our trainings, events and other meetings. A complete listing of all our videos is available on our YouTube channel

Gladwell Academy

Continuous education is the foundation of any innovative organization. At Gladwell Academy we are proud to be a part of your journey! We partner with you and your organization, taking on full responsibility for educating, motivating, and preparing you for the changes, challenges and chances arising in the digital era.

Our vision about Scaling Agile

Introduce creativity and intellectual leadership

Create expert networks and valuable relationships

Inspire, activate and develop exceptional people

Collaborate with passion and trust

Transformation through the Scaled Agile Framework

Gladwell Academy specializes in transforming organizations by utilizing Agile methodologies and the Scaled Agile Framework. Close cooperation with our partners is of great importance. In order to grow an organisation should feel, live and breathe Agile.

Benefits of the Scaled Agile Framework

Room for entrepreneurship

Increased manoeuvrability of the organisation

Commitment by those involved

More control of dependencies and risks between teams

Get started with SAFe!

The benefits of SAFe are no longer restricted to a few teams or, as in some cases, eliminated because adjacent teams and disciplines do not use the same principles and practices.

Product, service, project, program or portfolio managers, as well as advisors and executives, can learn a lot from SAFe and ultimately play an active role in contributing to an agile transformation within their organisation.

Transformation Through Education

An average score of 8.5 on independent course review website Springest

SPCT Gold Partner of Scaled Agile

More than 30 experienced trainers

Training on site is always possible

Our partners

To ensure the quality of our courses, we work with the following partners
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