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 Agile Team Facilitation

In this course you will learn how to design and practice facilitating sessions for different levels of team maturity. Whether you’re conducting a retro with a single Scrum team or engaging in a Value Stream Budgeting session with senior management: facilitating team sessions is essential for every Agile Coach. Facilitating delicate decision making, guiding the way towards collective action means playing simultaneous chess on several boards. Maintaining the flow of divergence and convergence in session; balancing group energy levels and dynamics versus individual sparks of inspiration; time management and tooling. ​


The 16 hour, ICAgile accredited course in Agile Team Facilitation will give you the awareness and the toolkit to lift any group event to the level of a kick-ass experience.​


Learning goals

  • Design a powerful facilitation guide using proven practices and templates​
  • Understand the importance of facilitation and a facilitation mindset in an Agile context​
  • Acquire a suite of methods and instrumentals to enhance session delivery​
  • Learn how to facilitate for full participation through collaborative conversations/meetings​
  • Facilitate retrospectives and stand-ups like a boss​
  • Design and practice facilitating sessions for different levels of team maturity ​



Who are your trainers?


Renate Cremer’s interest in learning and growth is rooted in her background as a labor and organisation psychologist. She specialised in Training & Development and has been actively involved in innovating HR processes as an HR Business Partner for companies operating globally.

Her professional background, along with a strong empathetic nature, gives Renate a wealth of knowledge about human interaction & behaviour, complex organisational structures and corporate environments. Helping individuals and groups to carve out learning paths in their professional trajectory.


Renate is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), issued by International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a certified Scaled Agile Program Consultant (SPC) and therefore authorized to teach and examine the following Scaled Agile courses: SAFe Agilist (SA), SAFe Practitioner (SP), SAFe PM / PO (SPMPO), SAFe Scrum Master ( SM). In addition, she is authorized to teach, facilitate and examine for Agile Scrum Foundation (Exin), Professional Product Owner (PSP01), Professional Scrum Master (PSM1) of and is DISC certified. Renate is an authorised instructor for ICAgile.​


Renate believes in continuously exploring our potential and ‘a life full of learning’.


Boris de Jong has a background in the political sciences, in journalism and in theatre. He works to make the abstract aspects of the Agile way of working and the transformation process more tangible and relatable.


For this goal, Boris uses his talents as a storyteller and his ability to conceptualize abstract processes in his role as SAFe trainer. With an entertaining narrative style and personal involvement, he makes Agile methods and principles tangible and relevant to people’s professional context.


He also works to craft personal, human-centered narratives for the content streams at Gladwell Academy – working on clear, explanatory pieces laced with practical example, illustrative metaphor and telling anecdote.



Eduardo Alvim is the first and (thus far) only Spanish & Portuguese speaking qualified SPCT in the world, also delivering trainings in English and French.


Prior to becoming SPCT, Eduardo gained extensive working experience in the areas of software development, IT and team management. Eduardo has implemented Agile ways of working in industries as diverse as aviation, healthcare, pharmaceutical, banking & insurance, media and IT. This has led to extended practical knowledge of the need for agile ways of working and firsthand examples of the benefits of implementing SAFe.


Eduardo strongly believes in extending transformation processes companywide to stay at the forefront of our post-digital economy. As SPCT, he emphasizes strategic approaches, measurable business objectives and outcomes and a clear purpose. He holds certifications as CSM, PSMI, PSMII, CSPO, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, SA, SPC, RTE, LPM and others.


Eduardo’s motivation as a coach is edged in providing organisations the right framework to structurally improve and give individuals the tools to thrive in their respective roles, reason why you’ll see him performing as speaker in the most prestigious events about agile and agility around the world.



The ICP-ATF certification is one of two knowledge-based certifications on the Agile Coaching Track. It focuses primarily on the mindset and role of an agile team facilitator, while also providing group facilitation tools and techniques for effectively designing meetings and workshops that both engage the entire audience and drive towards agreed-upon outcomes. Through obtaining this certification, course participants will develop an appreciation for the art of facilitation as key to fostering collaboration and enabling self-organizing teams. In addition, participants will build their facilitator toolkits and gain experience facilitating specific agile practices most relevant to their organizational context.​


The Agile Team Facilitation Class paves the way for teams to achieve true empowerment, collaboration, and ownership of their actions and decisions. In this way, facilitation skills help the vision of agile-done-well come true. ​



Your ticket includes:

  • Participant workbook
  • Certification from IC Agile



Want to meet with your peers? Join the Agile Coach Conference!


The ATF-ICP course is a two-day training program. Each course day starts at 9:00 and ends at 17:00 and includes a complimentary lunch and an afternoon break.

Day 1: Lesson 1 and 2

Day 2: Lesson 3 and 4


Agile professionals with the ambition to become an independent Agile coach. We request a minimum of 1 year experience in the role of Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile coach or practical work experience with the Agile principles.

  • TypeTraining
  • Period 2 days
  • Maximum number of participants:18
  • Language:
  • Lunch included:No
  • Exam:Yes
  • Incompany:Yes
  • Examinator:Logo