Speakers Agile Coach Conference 2023

This year's edition of the ACC features more than 10 high level presenters full of mind-blowing stories and valuable insights for the Transformation coach ... Discover them all!

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Renate Cremer

Chairwoman at ACC and Senior Coach and trainer at Gladwell Academy
Renate Cremers’ interest in learning and growth is rooted in her background as a labor and organisation psychologist. She specialised in Training & Development and has been actively involved in innovating HR processes as an HR Business Partner for companies operating globally.
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Arend Ardon

Social psychologist and co-founder at The Change Studio
With his team Arend develops and facilitates change and leaderschip journeys for companies. He lectures at various Business Schools.
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Dr. Kilian Wawoe

Researcher/lecturer at VU University and public speaker
Dr. Kilian Wawoe worked as a personnel manager at ABN-AMRO in various countries. In 2010 he obtained his PhD in organizational psychology at the VU University in Amsterdam.
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Leslie Morse

Host podcast at Women in Agile / Scrum.org
Business Analyst by trade, collaborative entrepreneur at heart, Leslie is a passionate leader focused on cultivating environments where continuous learning is the heartbeat calling forward everyone's greatest potential.
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Irma Doze

Managing partner/Data consultant at AnalitiQs
'Turning data into profit', is both the personal passion of Irma Doze, and the mission of her company AnalitiQs. With a background in all forms of intelligence: data management, market research, (predictive) analytics and reporting
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Priscilla Dunand Maurits- van Wijngaarden

Enterprise Agility Lead at Philips
Individuals, teams and teams of teams that are multi-disciplinary, empowered and self-defining are key to successful agile organizations.
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Rene van Os

Program and Agile Transformation lead at Philips
Rene has built up his knowledge and experience in a rich Human Resources career, with many transformations in organizational design, team dynamics, and individual development challenges.
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Marijke ten Have

Partner and Consultant at House of Performance
Marijke is partner, senior consultant and executive coach at House of Performance. She works with a passionated team developing tailor-made leadership- & culture development programs.
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Shannon Ewan

Managing Director at ICAgile
Shannon is a collaborative leader and business consulting professional with considerable experience in IT solutions .
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Roland Flemm

Founder at OrgTopologies
Roland Flemm (PST) became a Scrum Master in 2009 closing his 20-year career as a developer and infrastructure specialist. Roland grew into international agile consulting with a focus on large Scale Scrum (LeSS) adoptio
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Andy Golding

Remote Work Manager at Sastrify
Andy Golding is a TEDx speaker and co-author of the book 'We Are Still Human, and work shouldn't suck'. Andy ran an employee experience design firm for almost a decade,
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Alexey Krivitsky

Founder at OrgTopologies
Alexey Krivitsky (CST) started using Scrum since 2005. Being both a developer and a front-runner agilist, Alexey played an important role to initiate the Agile Ukraine community.
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Ralph van Raat

Master pianist and Musicologist
Ralph van Raat has been completely fascinated by classical music of the twentieth century since the age of 14. Although his repertoire ranges from Bach to Boulez, his primary focus has always been on composers dating from Debussy, Bartók and Ives to present day masters.
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Aniek de Rooij

Music composer and producer
Aniek's love for science-fiction permeates throughout everything she does. Her live performances flex immeasurable skill as a tech-savvy producer able to construct danceable, yet simultaneously lush and expansive interludes
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Jeffrey van Kippersluis

Senior Agile Transformation Coach at Rabobank
Working in different roles and positions Jeff drives the systemic perspective. Currently he is working at Rabobank as a senior Agile Transformation Coach.
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Gaby Montens

Agile Coach at Agility Masters and Gladwell Academy
Gaby is an experienced coach in the field of reporting & analytics with broad expertise in organizational change and projects. She is a connector in cross functional teams
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Dennis Mansell

Agile Coach at Agility Masters and Gladwell Academy
Dennis helps organizations ranging from institutions to enterprises to start-ups take 'agility' from being just a word in their strategy to sustainably adapting their culture.
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Eduardo Alvim & AI

Trainer and Senior Consultant at Gladwell Academy
Eduardo Alvim is a Trainer and Senior Consultant at Gladwell Academy. Eduardo is the first and (thus far) only Spanish & Portuguese speaking qualified SPCT in the world, also delivering trainings in English and French.
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Jabeen Musarrath

Enterprise Agile Coach at Philips
Agile organizations are designed to be fast, resilient, customer-centric and adaptable. Passionate about enabling customer focus, breaking the silos across the organization and instilling agile mindse
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