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Gladwell Academy supports clients in their digital transformations. Trainings are one way we do this; collaborations with thought-leaders like Lyssa Adkins are the other! The training courses and events are twin sides to a coin: one focuses on transferring knowledge; the other on exchanging it.


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Coach. Facilitator. Teacher. Inspirer.

About Lyssa Adkins

Lyssa Adkins is an internationally-recognized thought leader in the Agile community who works with leaders to help them take up the โ€œAgileโ€ transformation that is theirs to do.

Lyssa holds the following certifications:

  • International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Organization and Relationship Systems Certified Coach (ORSCC)
  • Certified Integral Facilitator (IF)
  • ICAgile Expert in Agile Coaching (ICE-AC)
  • Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach Emeritus (CEC-E)
  • She is also a trained Co-Active Coach and leader

Lyssa's current focus is improving the performance of top leaders and leadership teams through insightful feedback, new thinking tools, and a radical increase in the leader's complexity of mind.

The Leaders' "Agile" Transformation

Monday 29th August 2022

During this day Lyssa will share her insights from being a leader in the Agile world and through the themes she has seen in agility across industries, geographies, and company sizes from her work with thousands of Agile Coaches.

Next to that Lyssa offers her expertise during this day in individual and organizational transformation, leadership agility development, business agility and creating an organizational agile coaching capability.

This day could move the needle on some of the "intractable" problems you've probably been dealing with for a while!

Comfort in the Discomfort: Coaching Complex Situations and Making a Greater Impact.๏ปฟ

Four-Day Agile Coaching Expert Program with Lyssa Adkins & Tanja van Dijk

This training will take place from August 30th to September 2nd, 2022, onsite at Gladwell Academy in Amsterdam.

This unique edition will give you the option to follow the Agile Coachings Professional Training by Tanja van Dijk and a full day with Lyssa Adkins.

During this day Lyssa will take you on an exploration of a more complete way to see the complex situations we face everyday. Having seen the situation more holistically, new possibilities arise and many options become apparent. From these options, you can choose the โ€œnext wise stepโ€ to positively affect the situation. After the morning session, we will take on your most important topics. In real time, Lyssa facilitates the group to quickly decide on the highest business value topics to tackle. Weโ€™ll create a backlog and get through as many as we can.

In-House Collaboration with Lyssa Adkins

Book Your Day Between October 10th - November 30th 2022.

Lyssa will custom-design and facilitate a โ€œshift eventโ€ aimed at up-leveling your organizationโ€™s Agile capability. Think of it as an extended, interactive keynote where people encounter clear messages about using Agile to work with complexity and can apply them immediately to their own complex situations. Best of all, it is completely tailored for your specific situation and your business goals.

SHIFT events for Agile organizations: Why SHIFT events?

Do you sometimes wish there was a greater capacity for using Agile well in your organization? Do you look out across your agile coaches, product owners, or agile transformation leads and think, โ€œIf only we could shift up the skills or capabilities of that community, things would go so much better.โ€

Tapping into communities across the organization to activate them in new ways can create a powerful shift. Let Lyssa help.

SHIFT Events for Agile Organizations

What are the benefits of SHIFT events?

Community groups hear clear messages about Agile coaching from one of the most known leaders in the field. A community group can consist of Agile Coaches (Scrum Masters, Kanban Leads, Agile Coaches, Release Train Engineers, Delivery Leads, etc.), Product Owners, Transformation Leaders, or Organizational Leaders.

The community immediately engages with the material through thought-provoking exercises and new-perspective conversations.

Everyone shares the same peak experience, creating fertile ground for ongoing conversation and problem resolution.

Participants experience a new โ€œstate of beingโ€ in their Agile capability and new possibilities open up, even for the difficult on-going problems.

Agile communities get a strong start or a new revival.

Lyssa is truly a 'coach of coaches.' It's not just leading by example, but her knowledge and application of various frameworks beyond traditional brands of capital A 'Agile' is groundbreaking.
Colleen K. Pacific Life

Tanja van Dijk is a certified IC Agile trainer who loves sharing her knowledge and experiences as an Agile Coach.

Next to being an Agile Coach, Tanja is a certified Team Coach and Co-Active Coach. This expertise is deployed to help teams to function better and to empower individuals in their role as Agile Coach or Scrum Master, for example.

Agile Coaching Professional (ICP-ACC) with Tanja van Dijk

As an Agile coach you are the ambassador and role model for your organizationโ€™s Agile ambitions. This is a challenging role where you apply the Agile values, principles and coaching practice in order to bring Agile transformations to life. With the guidance of the ICP-ACC training, brought to you by Tanja van Dijk, you'll learn just how to excel and thrive in your role as an Agile Coach.