Case Study and Open Space Facilitators RTE Summit 2023

Jean-Baptiste Bernard

STE / SPC at BPCE Solutions Informatiques (BPCE-SI)
Jean-Baptiste Bernard is an SPC currently employed at BPCE Solutions Informatiques (BPCE-SI) in France. He holds the emerging role of a Solution Train Engineer
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Wolfgang Schmidt

Founder and Managing Partner at X-INTEGRATE
With more than thirty years of experience in IT and digitalized business processes, Dipl. Informatiker Wolfgang Schmidt supports clients in leveraging potentials via digitalized processes and creating new data, analytics and AI-based business models.
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Kevin Behrens

Enterprise Agility Consultant at Catworkx
Kevin is an Enterprise Agility Consultant at catworkx GmbH, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of enterprise agility.
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Ron van Vliet

RTE at Aegon
Ron works as Release Train Engineer within Aegon since March 2020. As RTE Ron is responsible for relentless improvement and therefor constantly working on enabling the teams
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Bertus Groenewegen

RTE / Agile Coach at a.s.r Nederland/Aegon
Bertus Groenewegen is a former RTE and now Agile Coach with focus on improving collaboration and transparency in order to optimize value and flow.
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Rakshith Venkatesh

RTE ART Integrated Business Planning at Airbus
Rakshith is a leader with over 13 years of leadership experience in the IT sector. He has a wide breadth of experience in several domains
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Ralf Oltermann

RTE / SPC at Airbus
Ralf is an agile leader with over 20 years of IT-leadership experience in digitization - in start-up, SMEs and large companies. He is certified a
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Keli Cristina Maciel Dias

Agile Program Manager at Airbus
Keli is an experienced Lean and Agile user and believer. Keli started with her first job in the automotive industry which was an everyday hands-on application
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Samantha Snyman

Solution Enablement Chapter Lead/RTE at ShopriteX
Samantha has 28 years of experience of unlocking people performance innovation in the People space with a focus on continuous improvement & engagement
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Matthew Harvey

Agile Delivery Chapter Lead/RTE&SPC at ShopriteX
Matthew has 37 years' experience in the Retail sector. He spent 17 years in a variety of roles at a South African retailer as Space
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Richard Mutschler

Head of LACE at ETAS
Richard studied computer sciences and has more than 16 years experience in automotive. With his strong background of SW development, System Architecture and Project Management,
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Gerben Kollaard

RTE at de Belastingdienst
Gerben Kollaard is employed as a Release Train Engineer (RTE) at the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration since September
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Thodi Andersson

Solutions Architect at Apptio, an IBM company
A survivor of the millennium bug, Thodi is one of the rare OG agile producers who is an art-school drop-out with an economics degree, and a master’s in financial markets and trading. H
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Tina Behers

VP Enterprise Agility at The Adaptavist Group
Tina is a dynamic and passionate leader who helps companies maximize their use of processes and tools for agile transformations. Tina has over 25 years of experience
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Jacob Visser

Product manager at Alliander
With almost 15 years of experience within Alliander, Jacob has had an active role in the agile transformation of the company
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Henk van der Honing

Freelance RTE at Alliander
Henk is a freelance RTE who returned to Alliander to work on the exciting and challenging assignment to launch a completely new ART at Alliander that focuses on customer experience
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Mark Clausing

RTE at Alliander
Mark Clausing works as a Release Train Engineer at Alliander. Agile working is in his DNA since 2008. First by being a Product Owner for two eXtreme Programming (XP) offshore teams,
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Robin Goudriaan

RTE at Alliander
I’m a 32-year-old with a passion for sustainable energy, great coffee and making change happen! After finishing my Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
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