What is the secret of Agile leadership?

Implementing an Agile leadership approach not only has an impact on employees, but also on management. In an Agile organisation, work is done by autonomous, self-managing teams. The employees get more responsibility and work together to decide what needs to be done and how they are going to do it. A traditional, top-down leadership style doesn't fit in with the development of an Agile mindset, but what does?     Why Agile Leadership is needed You may wonder whether we need... Learn more

What is SAFe? The Scaled Agile Framework – part 2

In the previous blog about the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), I explained the motivations  for organizations to use this well-known Agile scaling model. In this blog I will discuss the available content and the use of the framework itself.       Training is needed Nevertheless, it is very necessary to garner information from data, in order to experience practicality in theory. Getting yourself trained is the most common way. You can attend various training... Learn more

What is SAFe? The Scaled Agile Framework – part 1

Enter Dean Leffingwell’s SAFe – the Scaled Agile Framework – a framework designed by Scaled Agile, Inc. to allow large organizations to move toward a more Agile Way Of Working.       The purpose of the Scaled Agile Framework The framework is an overview of all sorts of ingenious ideas, conceived over time for problems of inflexible organizations looking for more Agility (Agile in a broader sense). In the words of Dean Leffingwell, SAFe helps companies meet... Learn more

Book review: Visual Thinking, Empowering people & organizations through visual collaboration

In training, coaching and consulting, the effectiveness of our efforts are dependent on the quality of our work x the acceptance. As a trainer and consultant, therefore, I am always looking for new ways to improve my quality, but also the acceptance.  As I am a firm believer in visual thinking, either for decluttering my own thoughts & argumentation structure or to support collaboration, I recently bought the book "Visual Thinking, Empowering people & organizations through visual... Learn more

Prototyping @local government

During an introductory Agile training at a local government we discovered a desire to start Agile ways of working. I was amazed at first by the current cautious approach of decision making and value delivery at the government: i.e. writing a vision document, then a planning documentation, etc. before talking with customers or creating anything real. We turned amazement to mutual opportunity. Together with the participants we formulated three problem areas and started working on one: what to... Learn more

Gladwell & BlinkLane organise a Summit for SAFe Release Train Engineers

On November 14, Gladwell Academy will organise the RTE Summit for the second time, a two-day event organised for and by SAFe Release Train Engineers. During the event - called RTE Summit 2.0 - Release Train Engineers share knowledge and experiences with each other and participants are presented with an extensive and interactive program. The role of Release Train Engineer (RTE) is new to many organisations, but determines the success of a Lean/Agile adoption. The main responsibilities of the... Learn more

”How do you do Scrum with 200+ teams? You do it SAFe. Pure pragmatism.”

In the Scaled Agile framework (SAFe), the highest rank is reserved for the SAFe Program Consultant Trainer. There are only about 50 such SPCT-certified SAFe gurus in the world today. Two of these work at Gladwell Academy: the recently certified trainer-consultants Eelco Rustenburg and Anand Murthy. We looked the two of them up in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to discuss how they see the future of Agile project management in the corporate world.   Good day, gentlemen. Let’s get right... Learn more

Increase Results of Social Capital with Synthetron

A large international insurance company works hard to transform its operations with Agile ways of working. Blinkane Consulting and Gladwell Academy help drive this transformation. Derived from the SAFe framework, the company deployed several Agile Release Trains (ARTs): a team of teams mounting to over one hundred people collaborating to deliver value to their customers. On 12 September 2017, an experienced ART held its 3-month Inspect and Adapt meeting. The energy from earlier Inspect... Learn more

Blog: Product Owner Training

Are you a product owner or do you want to learn more about this role? The Product Owner training of Gladwell Academy gives you great insights into the tasks and responsibilities of product owners, and it addresses common issues which you as a product owner have to deal with in practice. As a product owner you fulfill a specific and important role in the organization. You are the value optimizer, the product backlog owner and responsible for prioritizing all needs. You are the link between... Learn more

Co-create to motivate

Some time ago, when I did mostly freelance training and consulting work, I wished to be proud of a visible product, something to touch. With some other city-folk we started to grow a community around healthy food, directly from the biological farmers surrounding our city. Each with our own motivation for joining we connected city-people throughout class and culture. Our first successes made us proud, they triggered more action. Yet, when we grew in people and turnover, there were different... Learn more