A 100-person ART that never meets in person

ScheduleOnce program director Yoram Weizman knew it full well when his company decided to take their ART completely online. Right there in article 6 of the Agile manifesto: The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation.   Face-to-face is changing “The founders of Agile didn’t have what we have in terms of online tools today. They had a point to make about the value of direct interaction compared... Learn more

SPCT candidate Niels Groen: “Failure is often the best mentor there is.”

With the popularity of Scaled Agile Framework only on the rise, demand remains high for the SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs), the professionals who guide organizations towards governing their Agile workforce with a tried and proven approach. That in turn raises the demand for those who train the SPCs: the SPC Trainers (SPCTs). Nonetheless, there are currently less than a hundred working in the world today. It’s quite the responsibility, but Niels looks forward to it, he says.  ... Learn more
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“The two trainers seamlessly merge into one inspiring presence.”

All the marketing in the world can't beat a glowing, motivated customer review. But the e-mail we received from recent Implementing SAFe 4.5 (SPC) student Jameer Syed wasn’t just an opportunity for our trainers Anand Murthy Raj and Sathya H.R. to gloat – it’s also an opportunity for us to learn what inspires you the most.    “Anand & Sathya,  I would like to THANK YOU both for facilitating a great session with so much passion, which I believe helped all of us to... Learn more

Why 2018’s RTE Summit is a must-visit (for RTEs, that is)

What’s in it for you when RTEs, STEs, and Chief Scrum Masters gather from all corners of the globe to share & compare experiences? An opportunity to grow as a professional in a scaled agile environment, that’s what. The third edition of the RTE Summit is happening on November 13th, 2018 in Amsterdam and we asked its chairman and initiator Andres Jansen to tell us what he is looking forward to most:   “I’m really excited. SAFe is rapidly becoming the go-to option for... Learn more

How do you measure progress in your Agile transformation?

As lead developer he asked me: “and, what are you going to say we need to do to be Agile? How do we know it’s not complete and utter bulls**t?” A very legitimate question to ask of an Agile coach that is paid to supposedly make things more Agile.   What would you have answered? Well, we feel it’s time to introduce metrics to prove to anyone to see that money is well-spend, or not. And before we can conclude the Agile initiative, the transformation of the organization is... Learn more


No-one is born as an Agile Coach. There is so much to this role. An Agile Coach lives and breathes flexibility and versatility. The Agile Coach has a knowledge of psychology, group dynamics, organization science, change management and innovation. An Agile Coach has a strong approach, good communication skills and dares to take risks. He or she is decisive but is also patient and always stays positive. All in all a whole catalogue of requirements. But you don’t need to be a superhero to be a... Learn more
Agile Leadership


There are all different kinds of Agile Coaches. But what exactly makes a good Agile coach? It’s not easy to give a simple answer, but it all begins with the following qualities and skills.     Knowledge of Agile Ideas Agile isn't a standard recipe, but a comprehensive philosophy. It’s a mindset in which change isn't the goal, but rather the starting point. Agile uses methods and frameworks such as Lean, Scrum, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and the Scaled Agile... Learn more
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There is currently a big demand for Agile Coaches. People often ask us what such a coach can add to a modern, self-managing organization. Aren’t the teams already coached by the Scrum Master? Yes they are! There are many similarities between the two roles. Both the Scrum Master and Agile Coach help organizations to develop an Agile mindset. They both use similar techniques to support and facilitate teams in this respect. The difference between them lies in their... Learn more

RTE Summit 3.0 provides SAFe Release Train Engineers with latest insights

In November, the third edition of the RTE Summit will take place, an event that provides SAFe Release Train Engineers the opportunity to access the latest trends and insights in their profession and to exchange knowledge with peers.    Agile working is booming across multiple industries, giving organisations of all shapes and sizes a new way to innovate their services, ramp up their operations and improve the effectiveness of team practices. The method has emerged out of a growing... Learn more


Since obtaining SPCT (SAFe Program Consultant Trainer) certification at the beginning of July, the requests for training courses have been flooding into Odile Moreau's inbox. But our Agile coach remains firmly grounded. Delighted to be the first French (or even French-speaking) person to earn this achievement, she has just one goal: to help her fellow French colleagues achieve the same level of excellence.   Congratulations, Odile! You are now a member of the extremely select club of... Learn more