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Organize your company’s complete life cycle of products and services

In a SAFe enterprise, the Agile Release Train (ART) is where the magic happens. Making sure each team knows what to prioritize and how Trains can be built to run on schedule is the responsibility of the POPM. Expand your knowledge as a SAFe Product Owner Product Manager and develop all the skillsets you need to not just guide but to improve the delivery of value in a Lean enterprise.


This two-day SAFe Product Owner Product Manager course will give you an in-depth understanding of the Agile Release Train (ART), how it delivers value, and what you can do to effectively perform your role.

You will also learn how to apply lean thinking to write Epics, break them down into Features and Stories, plan and execute Iterations, and plan Program Increments. Finally, the program will teach you about the Continuous Delivery Pipeline and DevOps culture, how to effectively integrate in your role as Product Owner or Product Manager, and what it takes to relentlessly improve the ART.

The SAFe Product Owner Product Manager training (POPM) teaches you all about the activities, tools, and mechanics used to manage backlogs and programs. After taking the SAFe Product Owner Product Manager exam, you’ll certify as a SAFe Product Owner Product Manager (POPM).


Our SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager courses are taught by one or two SPCs (SAFe Program Consultants) or SPCTs (SAFe Program Consultant Trainers). These inspiring trainers are consultants who are active in the field and have extensive SAFe experience in training and implementing SAFe at large organizations.


Learning goals

During this two-day course you will learn to:

  • Articulate the Product Owner and Product Manager roles
  • Connect SAFe Lean-Agile principles and values to the PO/PM roles
  • Decompose Epics into Features and decompose Features into Stories
  • Manage Program and Team backlogs
  • Collaborate with Agile teams in estimating and forecasting work
  • Represent Customer needs in Program Increment Planning
  • Execute the Program Increment and deliver continuous value


Exam & Certification

When you pass the SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager exam you’ll receive a SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager certificate, with a digital badge to promote your accomplishment online. A one-year certified membership as a SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager is also included, granting you access to the POPM Community of Practice

We’ll provide you with a SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager certification usage guide with POPM certification marks as well as access to a variety of learning resources to support certified professionals during their SAFe journey.


Didn’t pass the exam? You can try again! Each new attempt will come with a fixed fee.

Please note: the program for our virtual courses may vary. The hours are approximately 6 hours per day and may be extended with an extra course day.

Two-day training program

The SAFe Product Owner course is a two-day training program. Each course day starts at 9:00 and ends at 17:00, and includes a complimentary lunch and an afternoon break.



During the program, we’ll go into the following topics:

  • Becoming a Product Owner/Product Manager in the SAFe enterprise
  • Preparing for PI Planning
  • Leading PI Planning
  • Executing Iterations
  • Executing the Program Increment
  • Becoming a Certified SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager


Everyone is welcome to attend the course, regardless of role or experience.

For those who intend to take the SAFe® 5.1 Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM) certification exam, the following prerequisites are highly recommended:

  • Having attended a Leading SAFe® course;
  • Experience working in a SAFe environment;
  • Experience with Lean, Agile, or other relevant certifications.



After the training program, the trainer will send the participant’s details to the Scaled Academy (the accreditation organization). You’ll then receive three emails from the Scaled Academy:

  • a welcome email that you can use to create your profile;
  • a (mandatory) survey about the program where you can provide feedback;
  • an email with a link to the exam, including instructions on how the exam works.


Exam Details

  • Exam name – SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Exam
  • Exam format – Multiple choice
  • Exam delivery – Web-based (single-browser), closed book, no outside assistance, timed.
  • Exam access – Candidates can access the exam within the SAFe Community Platform upon completion of the SAFe 4 Product Owner/Product Manager course.
  • Exam duration – Once the exam begins, candidates have 90 minutes (1.5 hours) to complete the exam.
  • Number of questions – 45. Some questions are worth more points than others. For example: A question where you select 3 out of 4 options is worth more points than a true or false question.
  • Passing score – 35 out of 45 questions (78%)
  • Language – English
  • Exam cost – The first attempt is included as part of the course registration fee, if the exam is taken within 30 days of course and completed before midnight on the last day. Each retake attempt costs $50.
  • Retake policy – A second attempt on the exam (first retake) can be done immediately after the first attempt. The third attempt requires a 10-day wait. A fourth attempt requires a 30-day wait. Contact for any questions about the retake policy.

After the exam, your profile will automatically be updated when you’ve passed. The Scaled Agile Academy will inform you of this. You’ll then have access to the private online community and are able to make your profile public within the Scaled Agile community. Until that moment, only you have the privilege to see your certification.


Professional Development Units (PDUs) and Scrum Education Units (SEUs)

Attending this course means that you may be eligible to apply for 15 Continuing Education – Strategic PDUs toward your continuing education requirements with the Project Management Institute (PMI) for PMP and PMI-ACP certifications.

You may also be eligible to apply for SEUs under category C, toward earning or renewing your CSP through Scrum Alliance.


Your organization’s success is based largely on the success of the ARTs. With the SAFe Product Owner Product Manager course, you’ll expand your understanding of those vital trains and help keep your teams focused and on schedule.

After completing this training program, you’ll be a certified SAFe Product Owner able to help guide as well as improve value delivery in your Lean enterprise.

Course attendees typically include:

  • Product Owners, Product Managers,
  • Product Line Managers, Business
    Owners, and Business Analysts
  • Solution Managers, Portfolio Managers,
    Program Managers, and members of
    the LACE
  • Enterprise, Solution, and System
  • TypeTraining
  • Period 2 days
  • Maximum number of participants:18
  • Level:Foundation
  • Language:English
  • Lunch included:Yes
  • Exam:Yes
  • Incompany:Yes
  • Payment methods:Invoice, iDEAL, CreditCard
  • Examinator:Logo
  • Jan Oldersma - Rating: 8/10
    combination of practice and theory was fine
  • Arjan Sprangers - Rating: 8/10
    What a great teacher we had, actual facts and real life stories.
  • Roland vanderFlier - Rating: 9/10
    I like the way the trainer gave the course. Personal, good working examples and kept everyone focussed.
  • Taka Iida - Rating: 8/10
    Our class member is different background (someone has already known the SAFe or someone hasn't known). I would like to add one more day to learn SAFe based on textbook.
  • Jakub Surina - Rating: 8/10
    Renata is a very experienced trainer. I liked hear "real-life" examples, which put the theory into perspective. Improved could be the exam questions, we played some scenarios through and there is lot's of room for interpretation. Also when running a dummy-test, it isn't highlighted which of the answers are wrong. Another thing would be good to hear more on how to convince the organization about the methodology.. but I understand that this is probably something difficult to go over, as this is very individual.
  • Tahsina Jamal Syed - Rating: 7/10
  • Eric Dupuylolier - Rating: 10/10
    Very good trainer, very mature in this exercise. I liked the way it has behaved, a lot of interesting topics put up and with relevent advise from the trainer.
  • Stuart Mennie - Rating: 10/10
    I can’t speak highly enough of the trainer, Renate, the bend of using the course material with her extensive knowledge, energy and focus made the course not only informative but enjoyable for everyone. Being able to teach across the boundaries of Text, Picture and Spoken Word style of learning is a great skill. Absolutely excellent.
  • Ian Long - Rating: 8/10
    Good course with interesting discussions Trainer did well to keep it moving and not get sidetracked
  • Christoph Zubrägel - Rating: 8/10
    Trainer was well prepared, location was near railway staion and easy to reach, many good examples from practice, small group, team exercises went well. To improve: We couldn't do all exercises and discussions meed to be stopped as time was running out. Course should last 3 days
  • Hans Cramér - Rating: 10/10
    trainer was very good - knowledgable and did a very good job in jumping between theory and discussion how we use that in practice today in our business
  • Hind Chatouaki - Rating: 8/10
    The trainer was amazing, energetic, with impressive communication skills. She made it easy for us to focus for two days. On the other hand, it would have been better to have illustrations related to our B2B business rather than B2C.
  • JEROME THERME - Rating: 7/10
    A lot of duplicate content with leading Safe training. Still some interesting focus on PO/PM.
  • Xavier Cadet - Rating: 9/10
    I have enjoyed the course because it was mainly practical and not so theorical.
  • ROMAIN FROGER - Rating: 8/10
    It was very interactive which is very important and the trainer was really excellent. The overall ratio between common notion and PO/PM notion could be improved and detailing more the role of the PO/PM in details.
  • Miguel Gambra - Rating: 9/10
    It has been so good, a really appreciated it.
  • Miriam Gutierrez - Rating: 10/10
    Very good trainer. Good experience!
  • Peter Dolnik - Rating: 7/10
    Location was ok, easy to reach. It helped that we could perform whole training at one place without any interruptions. General content of training helped me to get basics of understanding of SAFe not only from the PM/PO perspective, but as a whole. Having other attendees share their experience was great. Content - it helped that part of the training was mandatory intro on-line training introducing basics. Even more extensive pre-training would help to be more aligned with other attendants. Scope of the topic was really big, extra day would probably help. I would appreciate to put more focus on PI execution itself - start it sooner with bigger time box. Confirmation of training from Gladwell about ten days before training execution is way too late. It affects scheduling and travel planning as well.
  • syed maseehiulla - Rating: 9/10
  • Sarin bhaskaran - Rating: 7/10
    More practical examples like real case studies, videos etc. could have made the training more useful. It seemed as if the trainer did not have adequate practical experience in the subject and often his answers seemed theoretical.
  • srikanth garishakurthi - Rating: 8/10
    It was good to understand the SAFe framework and the advantages.
  • ROstiSLAV MAyer - Rating: 8/10
    - linkage of some framework artefacts is not clear between single slides. More grafic showin where we are in the framework at the slide could help - Trainer very good with practical experience - Many practical exercises in the material, on the other hand, impossible to manage (pass thru) due to time constraint - very poor communication before training (slow, late) - Joost Brugman
  • Gleb Gordeev - Rating: 9/10
    I liked the training and it definitely fullfilled my expectations. Location for great, pre-training communication was also very good. Trainer is a friendly encouraging person and expert in the topic
  • Mai-Britt Winther - Rating: 9/10
    Linked the interactions among the participants, and the kahoots
  • Nicolas Igot - Rating: 6/10
    The structure of the training was not clear. It was difficult to understand where we were going and the different items we will review. The training helped us to raise questions that we will have to solve internally in our real use case which is a good point. The training presented again the SAFe framework knowing that it was theoretical as the way it will be implemented in our company may be different.
  • Felicien Delobre - Rating: 8/10
    Interesting way of training, not a top down but more of a sharing session
  • Bert Lohman - Rating: 8/10
    The course was debveloped with engagement in mind instead of just going a sheets walkthrough. This is what I appreciate highly. The trainer was fair and honest about the course and its content, aimed for improving processes and less so a rigid instruction about 'how to'
  • Paul Blair - Rating: 10/10
    Trainer was very knowledgeable incorporating real-life experience into the course and answering all questions that came up from the attendees.
  • Colleen Cheung - Rating: 10/10
    Highly enjoyed the course. Ali was engaging throughout, knowledgeable and experienced. Room for 2nd day was better than 1st. Location good - very easy to travel to/from.
  • Oladeji Iwalehin-Ikuesan - Rating: 10/10
    The training given my Marijt Weert was highly educative and practical! I enjoyed every bit of the training.
  • Wolfgang Tanzer - Rating: 9/10
    The trainer was perfect. Really helpful, tried to answer all question. Was working with every participant the location was not the best. was a room middle in the floor. Regus was not really very sportive and seems more confused.
  • Mark Calderhead - Rating: 7/10
    A course covering the overall fundamentals, but lacked bringing these fundamentals in how they would be adapted/used within my company.
  • Venelina Jordanova - Rating: 9/10
    The course is great, but I felt like it would be better to make it 3 days long, so we can go into more details. I felt like we are discussing very generic principles and I would appresiate to have more time for details. Probably because everything else was great. I gave the lowest evaluation points to the lunch :) It was a bit like in a hurry (althogh we had enough time, the environment was a hassle). I'm even not sure I can explain it.
  • Annelies van de Loo - Rating: 8/10
    The first 1/3th of the course was really good given. Just explaining the scaled agile framework based on the picture. And not just going (boring) through the slides. The 2nd day a lot of slides were skipped due to time or due to not so important. We don't know it by hard. Maybe it would be nice that it was mentioned if it was not so important.
  • Arjan de Knegt - Rating: 9/10
    Good mix between theory and practice. Also very useful to have different companies and functions attending the training. This results in interesting discussions and information sharing. Using own sheets to summarize content of the book (mostly on first day) worked somewhat better than going through the sheets in the book (mostly on second day).
  • Jense de Fraye - Rating: 8/10
    Contentwise it was great. However, I missed the sync between the book and the slides presented. The level, trainer, support, scheduele and location could not be better.
  • Jason Shaw - Rating: 8/10
    The trainer was great and the facilities were very good. I would suggest that maybe there is 3 days of material rather than two and also suggest that candidates are familiar with Agile Scrum prior to attending. The pace of the course was pretty good and I was really impressed with Nickie was very knowledgeable.
  • Olakunle Oyewo - Rating: 9/10
    It was an amazing experience as the training was very well organised and delivered in a brilliant location in Central London, very close to a major tube line. The trainer, Nickie is quite knowledgeable and very patient, bringing all participants along and engaging throughout the whole course using different channels like quiz, real-life experience, case studies etc. I think it might be worth increasing the number of days to three (3), in order to cover the whole syllabus in details.
  • Lennart den Hartog - Rating: 8/10
    I liked the way the course was teached by Abram. The downside of this course for me was that it was a bit similar to the SAFe for Teams course which I have attended about a year ago. I was expecting more typical PO/PM stuff and less framework stuff, but maybe that's something I could have figured out ,ore by myself upfront.
  • Sybrand Olivier - Rating: 8/10
    An excellent introduction into SAFe. It was held at a very good location. The trainer was very engaging and very experienced. The setup of the training could have benefited from a bit more structure; an agenda/schedule kept/shown and explained during the entire course. The use of different learning formats was great; videos, quizzes, excercises with participants, explanations of the theory, participants cases, use of whitepapers on the walls. When showing different parts of the framework on the screen, still the entire framework picture was used which led to major parts of the screen blanked out and only small parts of the screen used. Better is to zoom in on the SAFe level explained and use the entire screen for that level which helps readability also. Connection with Scrum was made, which was great. The importance of people-collaboration-behaviours and mindset was explained which was excellent.
  • Linda Reinhardsen Frisvold - Rating: 7/10
    I have just resent started as a PO at our Company, som I had very little experience. I saw that it would have been useful to have a mandatory online pre-course, i.e. "The scrum guide". Some of the other participants use the framework quite different than us, and it was to much focus on what they should/could do. Here, with more experience, or a very bacis review of the framework, I could have participated more in the discussions. But the trainer was experienced, and varied learning methods - I am myself educated as a teacher, so this is important to me.
  • Paul Van den Broek - Rating: 7/10
    Good: Course uses cases to work out examples, Improvement: course could benefit from more company based examples rather than experiences from others
  • Rob Houtepen - Rating: 9/10
    I learned many things that will help to improve my role as product owner. Would be better to make it a 3 day course.
  • Kristina Sevo-Simic - Rating: 9/10
    I liked the non-linear approach, unconventional. The gentle pressure to get out of the comfort zone. The surprise factor aiding in the process of owning the stuff that needs to be learned. It helps me connect the facts with the physical positon (e.g. we had to team up with colleagues), some example or exercise. But the thing I like the most is the deep humanity that Eelco shows, the kind but still determined push towards independent thinking and reasoning, empowerment to use own capabilities. In that sense Eelco is a real guru - because "guru" in Sanskrit means "remover of darkness". Technically speaking this is identical to "bringer of the light". But if you would jump to this conclusion too quickly, you would mis the whole point of being such a teacher. This remover of darknes does a subtly different thing - he does not preacht HIS truth, but helps his pupils to discover their own - to shine their own light...
  • Etienne Berto - Rating: 8/10
    Trainer was challenging in a good way. Had a good experience discussing with him. It is clear there is no straightforward mapping of these values and principles to our organisation though. The most value that you get out of these courses is management is more inclined to be open to change and some of the terminology is better aligned between business departments.
  • Rob Polman - Rating: 8/10
    Really good trainer with much experience. Really liked the real life examples. Felt however that to much material was cramped into 2 days.
  • Rudi Koster - Rating: 9/10
    I liked very much how "active" the course was. Lots of discussion about interesting topics related to the materials
  • Erik Bleker - Rating: 9/10
    Good balance between theory and practical use Good anticipation on the actual working practice
  • Lalitha CV - Rating: 7/10
    The roles and responsibilities of the Product Manager and Product owner were very clearly brought out. What can be improved upon: Overview of SAFE principles could have been much briefer We skipped most of the exercises during the sessions Training in the PO specific skills : Negotiation can be focused upon
  • Kevin Schlappi - Rating: 9/10
    content and exercises; very good, hands-on lots of interaction. Knowledge and experience of trainer very proficient. Good answers, lots of self-explaining examples from real life. Practically; food was way too much. lots needed to be thrown in garbage which is a waste. Location; room was too small, not all attendees had sufficient place to sit.