Certified trainer

Zuzanna Zielinska

Zuzanna Zielinska is a SAFe certified SPC and RTE.

Zuzanna experienced going through an Agile transformation process with her team, and she was amazed by the results, both on the value delivery and work environment levels. She wanted to share that experience and help others to work better, with greater respect, diversity, and purpose, which is precisely what inspired her to become a transformation coach and leader. Trainings with Zuzanna are unique, as she is a good listener who's keen on tailoring her trainings to fit the specific group's experience, ensuring that their opinions and perspectives are not overlooked. She has used Agile methodologies in various contexts in the past -- both business-related and educational -- so her expertise is both theoretical and practical. The reason for her pursuit of training with Gladwell Academy is reflective of her appreciation of Gladwell's expertise in helping organizations to transform effectively.

When it comes to the Agile processes Zuzanna finds the most effective, she admits to being a big advocate of iterative development. She notes that she has observed it working everywhere, from software production, to service design, to executing team maturity, to self-growth, and even to raising kids. Taking one step at a time, assessing the results, and changing the course accordingly appears to be her personal holy grail. If she were to pick her favorite phrase from the Scrum Guide, it would be, "If in doubt, ask the team." It's servant leadership and team empowerment in a nutshell.

A fun fact about Zuzanna is that she was born on March 17th, which also happens to be International Maritime Day. And, it's no coincidence, because she's a dedicated off-shore sailor who thrives in the salty breeze.