Certified trainer

Romy Triepels

Romy Triepels is a trainer at Gladwell Academy.

Romy Triepels is 32 years old and works as a coach at CliftonStrengths but also as a trainer and advisor for Talentize. Romy told as follows:

'After completing my master's degree in work and organisational psychology, I came into contact with the CliftonStrengths Assessment and the associated mindset. This mindset, looking at what is naturally present in people and building on it, appealed to me enormously. I immediately saw all kinds of possibilities for using this tool and at the time I wrote two business plans for the implementation in education and fast-growing start-ups. This allowed me to work at W3-GROW as a Strengths coach and trainer.

During the six years I worked here, I coached and trained more than thousands of individuals at all levels of the organization based on talent. I was also involved in the design and implementation of many CliftonStrengths-based programs for companies in hospitality, IT, technology, education, healthcare and non-profit, at home and abroad. It was very nice to see and experience the impact of talent-based work on the performance and involvement of teams and individuals. I have experienced this rapid growth and development myself. After the first three months at W3-GROW, I was already coaching and training internationally as a 25-year-old. I could never have imagined that!

When we facilitated a number of Strengths workshops for Gladwell in 2017 from W3-GROW, we saw how nicely this tool fits in and supports the propagation of the Agile Mindset.'

During the Post-Hbo Agile, Romy will support in discovering, developing and strengthening everyone's unique talents, so that the role as an Agile Coach can be fulfilled in a way that you already naturally possess. This is extremely important in the dynamic field in which you end up as an Agile Coach. We are working on your Personal Agility and also how you can appeal to this and grow it in others. During the Agile Coach training Romy facilitates three days in which this CliftonStrengths Mindset comes back as a common thread:

- Who am I as a coach?
- Observation and interpretation
- Tools and interventions