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Peter Pedross

As the CEO & founder of PEDCO AG, Peter Pedross wants people to succeed and start to replace โ€˜believe-inโ€™ with fact-based decisions. He wants them to use this knowledge to establish efficient flow in their organization.

Having grown up in Switzerland, he started to program for money at the age of 14. At the time, he did this just to finance my dream of becoming a professional windsurfer. After watching that dream materialize in Hawaii, he discovered that his real love is software and engineering. Here's some quick facts about Peter:

  • He's a happy father who is married to a wonderful woman
  • He has 30+ years experience in Software Engineering
  • He studied Software Engineering, Finance, and Management Psychology
  • He was formerly responsible worldwide for lifecycles, processes, methods and tools at a leading Swiss financial institute
  • He has 50+ works published and lectures given since 1995 in the USA, Japan and Europe
  • He is certified in "Scaled Agile Framework" SPC since 2011, "Disciplined Agile Delivery", EFQA, CMMI, PMI, Scrum, and so much more
  • His first experience with Agile was in 1999 (XP)
  • He is President of the Board for Computer Science at the Swiss Association of Quality (SAQ) and member of the Board of Directors at SAQ

And, last but not least, Peter is also the creator of the product known as Applied SAFe: "We efficiently and successfully implement lean and scaled Agility for competitive enterprises. With Applied SAFE, we provide a valid practical Lean-QMS to master the complexity of bringing a lean-Agile organization to life."

The main tenets of Applied SAFe include the following:

  • "We deeply believe in scaled Agile methods and we want companies to succeed in their Agile transformation"
  • "We provide our managed process services, our platform Applied SAFeยฎ, trainings, and an established partner network to guide any organization through their SAFeยฎimplementation"
  • "We enable you to implement SAFeยฎ while ensuring regulatory compliance"

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