Certified trainer

Christoph Stettina

Christoph is a Senior Consultant with experience in a wide range of business Agility subjects and a passion for connecting strategy to execution. He is very interested in Agile and iterative methodologies, as well as in the human aspects of work.

For over 10 years, Christoph has been advising organizations with a strategic IT capability in (co-)designing and (co-)implementing business Agility across various industrial sectors, regions, and maturity levels. Focusing on helping clients to connect effective program delivery to product innovation and strategic portfolios, he helps clients adopt new ways of working in an effective, non-threatening manner.

Holding the position of an assistant professor at Leiden University, his work on Agile portfolio management, innovation management, governance, and entrepreneurship has been published in more than 30 academic and professional magazines and books.

Christoph is a creative, energetic, and entrepreneurial thinker. As a strong team player, Christoph enjoys working with clients to create positive work environments which foster trust, collaboration, and reflection to achieve higher goals.