Speakers RTE Summit NYC 2024

Join us at this year's RTE Summit where you'll have the chance to hear from accomplished presenters who will share captivating stories and valuable insights relevant to the Release Train Engineer role. Explore the full lineup now!

Rocky Bleier

4x NFL Superbowl Champion + Vietnam veteran
Rocky Bleier’s story - a gripping tale of courage on both the football fields of America and the battle fields of Vietnam - has held audiences in rapt attention for years.
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Marina Kernes

Assistant CIO for the City of Burbank and former VP Portfolio Management
Marina Kernes boasts a remarkable career in IT management spanning more than 25 years, with a distinguished 12-year tenure as an executive at renowned
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Michael Kerr

President of Inspiring Workplaces
Michael Kerr is a Hall of Fame speaker who travels the world researching, writing, and speaking about inspiring workplace cultures, inspiring leaders, and businesses that leverage their humor resources to drive outrageous results.
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Heiko Sudar

Agile Master, Trainer, Agile Coach
Heiko has a weakness for rugby and when his wife, who does not, told him about Scrum in product development in 2010, he was suspicious first, but his interest
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Dominik Lorenzer

RTE, Trainer, SPC, Agile Coach at BMW Group
A big part of Dominik's current work is to combine the OKR Framework with the SAFe Framework, about which he will talk in this years RTE Summit.
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Eelco Rustenburg

SPCT / Digital Transformer / Agile Writer
Eelco is Partner at Highberg and Senior trainer at Gladwell Academy. He is a seasoned Agile management consultant and one of worlds top trainers. He has written the bestselling book “the Power of Scrum” together with Jeff Sutherland.
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Aly Orloff

Agile Coach and SAFe Transformation Leader at Lockheed Martin
Aly commits to innovation, especially the practice and teaching of Agile methodologies. Part of the LACE in Lockheed Martin, she is an instructor for the Scaled
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Saahil Panikar

Head Coach (CIO) at Atlas Revolutions
Saahil has been a leader in transforming organizations and teams by helping them master Agile, Scaled Agile, and DevOps best practices for over 15 years.
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Richelle Bixler

RTE and Agile Coach at Edward Jones
Richelle is a seasoned Release Train Engineer (RTE) and Agile Coach, whose dynamic journey began in 2018 with an airplane development program at Boeing.
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Michael Stump

Business Agility Accelerator | SAFe Fellow at JLS
Michael is a SAFe Fellow & SPCT, is a Lean-Agile Leader and mentor to executives on state-of-the-art SAFe practices and full Business Agility across all industries.
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Gagan Marwaha

Senior RTE at TD
Gagan is a seasoned Agility Leader, Trainer & Coach and has 10+ years of proven track-record on innovative Products, Solutions and Services,
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Tanya Kudchadker

Senior Release Train Engineer at ASML
Tanya is a senior Release Train Engineer at ASML San Diego, California. Tanya has an education background in Software design and Development and started her agile journey in 2014 in Healthcare domain in the Netherlands.
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Russell Avre

VP of Products at Glappy
Russell Avre, a seasoned social entrepreneur, is fervently committed to eradicating poverty in Africa. Celebrated for infusing Agile methodologies
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Terese Ingram

Chairwoman RTE Summit 2024/Transformation Consultant at Gladwell Academy
Terese Ingram is a consultant with experience in business operations and communication, working both in private and public sectors. Her primary focus is on implementing best practices and managing organizational change
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Ali Hajou

Co-host & Program manager RTE NYC 2024 and SPCT
Ali is an absolute Agile Nerd with more than a decade of proven, hands-on experience of supporting Agile adoption.
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Niko Kaintantzis

SPCT, RTE and a professional systemic coach
What matters when leading in multicultural environments!
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Laura Hotop

Agile Delivery Manager
Residing in the beautiful city of Raleigh, North Carolina, I am a dedicated and passionate Agile leader with over 15 years of experience in various roles within the realm of Software Development.
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Andreas Gross

Enterprise Lean-Agile Coach, LACE SPC, SAFe Methodologist
Andreas is an exceptional enthusiast for Lean and Agile. He used to be a software developer. After realizing that he could generate even more value by helping
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Malte Luik

Enterprise Lean-Agile Coach, LACE SPC, SAFe Methodologist
Malte is an absolute agile enthusiast and pioneer. Back in 2012 he published a book about managing change, which he now is accompanying at Porsche.
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Tim Schwamb

SPC and Senior Agile Transformation Consultant with Agile Rising
He spent much of his 21 years in the Air Force engaged with bureaucratic government programs as a customer, engineer,
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Robin Yeman

Executive Space Domain Lead at Carnegie Mellon SEI
Robin has expertise spanning over twenty-eight years in software engineering with focus on Digital Engineering, DevSecOps, and Agile building large complex solutions across multiple domains
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Russell Denman

Release Train Engineer with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
He has worked in several different roles across agile technology organizations with most of his time being spent in the Product Management.
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Sarah Tylka

Release Train Engineer (RTE) with NASA OCIO’s Application and Platform Services
With a background in application development, Sarah served on numerous project teams, engaging with stakeholders, guiding design, delivering features, then spinning off to the next project.
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Lauren Daugherty

Chief of staff, Agile Delivery
Lauren lives North Carolina and has spent all of her career working in the technology industry.
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Zach Molden

Agile Delivery Manager
Zach is a dedicated and seasoned SAFe Agilist, with over 15 years of Agile Leadership expertise
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Cheryl Crupi

SAFe Fellow, SPCT and SAFe Methodologist
She is passionate about helping business leaders learn, believe in and practice generative behaviors that create the conditions for Agility to thrive
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Lucas Bernstein

Director of Agile Transformation at News Corp
Lucas is a passionate agile enthusiast, coach, and transformation change agent at News Corp with over 14 years of experience helping teams and organizations transition
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Kim Cathey

Solution Train Engineer at CSAA Insurance Group
Kim is a Solution Train Engineer (STE) and servant leader whose passion is relationship building, teambuilding, and coaching teams towards working better together to achieve more success.
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Emelie Alftrén

Co-founder & CEO Solidify Velesic
Emelie is the co-founder of Modern GRC at Solidify. She has almost 20 years of experience working in different GRC roles in a
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Magnus Juvas

Co-founder & CEO Solidify
Magnus Juvas is the co-founder and CEO of Solidify. A company focused on helping companies accelerate digitalization in a secure
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