Free Learning Carrousel: Agile for Hardware 2023

Join us on April 18, 2023 for our free event, Learning Carrousel: Agile for Hardware, designed for engineers looking to revolutionise hardware development with Agile principles.

Accelerating Hardware Innovation and Quality with Agile Methodologies

During the day we will explore topics such as :

  • Managing Hardware Portfolios
  • Platform as a Product
  • Agile hardware architecting

All tailored to the unique challenges of hardware development.

Our expert presenters will guide you through practical strategies and techniques to accelerate innovation and improve product quality.

Why join this Free Carrousel?
Traditionally, the Agile methodologies has been applied to software development. However, with the ever changing market and competition pressure, Agile practices are now being applied to hardware development to accelerate product development while exceeding quality standards.

What does the workshop look like?

Get ready for an exciting and interactive workshop at our Agile for Hardware Learning Carousel! Join us for a jam-packed program featuring Bas Engel, Scaled Agile Program Consultant. Get inspired and gain practical knowledge to transform your hardware development process with Agile principles. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and take your organization to the next level. Register now below to secure your spot!

Join Our Immersive Learning Experience Now!

  • Date: April 18, 2023
  • Time: 17:00 till 20:30
  • Location: Mikrocentrum Veldhoven
  • Price: Free

Unlock your organization's potential and learn from actual practitioners with this immersive experience. Don't miss out on this learning opportunity to advance your Lean implementation further and stay ahead of the curve.

Register now to reserve your spot and embark on this exciting journey towards future proof value creation.

Questions about this event? Contact us!
For questions about the Learning Carousel Agile for Hardware, you can always contact Marjolein Straathof.