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Feb 1, 2024

Free Whitepaper: Psychological Ownership

Psychological Ownership is one of the most important aspects of an Agile Mindset. It also represents an example of where Agility requires a paradigm shift from how we used to think about responsibility as being accountable to a concept of responsibility that enables us to be autonomous & empowered actors. Thereby, the concept of psychological ownership allows us to transcend the paradox we often perceive between freedom and responsibility.

Get a deep understanding of:

  • Why psychological ownership is crucial to an agile mindset.
  • Why alignment and accountability are essential for self-organisation.
  • How these concepts are linked to various forms of motivation, reinforcing performance in an agile context.
  • And much more....

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Are you living your life or are you being lived your life? Psychological Ownership makes the difference ...
Julien Baart
Written by Julia Heuritsch, SAFe Practice Consultant & Agile Coach