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Jun 23, 2021

Free Whitepaper: Agile @ Hardware Manufacturing

The advantages of working Agile have been a revolution for the world of software development - and following that, for much of the business world in general.

From services firms to municipal governments, the promise of Agile ideas is irresistibly convincing. In this white paper, Davar Azarmi and Ali Hajou will present these topics:

  • Why bring Agile ideas to hardware development?
  • Why not?
  • Agile methodology for the hardware environment
  • Product-centered and process-centered approaches
  • Case studies
  • The course ‘Agile for Hardware’
  • ‘Certified Hardware Agilist’

Then, we will pick apart that process and see what causes it to have that effect. Finally, we will describe an approach to reliably keep such innovative ideas alive as they grow inside a major corporate organization - until they are strong enough to bring real change. This approach is the Continuous Innovation Framework, or COIN for short.

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