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Aug 17, 2021

Free Whitepaper: 7 Habits of highly effective RTEs

The role of Release Train Engineer (RTE, Chief Scrum Master) has only come into existence over the past decade or so.

Its origins can be found in the Scrum Master’s role, in short: the coach operating in a single Agile Scrum Team, with roughly 7 +/-2 members. In this Whitepaper, Andres Jansen will elaborate the role, its possibilities and the habits that effective RTEs have in common. Release the trains! Contents of this White paper:

  • RTE: A new role for a unique group of professionals
  • What goes wrong without an RTE on board?
  • What does the RTE do?
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective RTEs
  • Salary
  • Career Opportunities

Then, we will pick apart that process and see what causes it to have that effect. Finally, we will describe an approach to reliably keep such innovative ideas alive as they grow inside a major corporate organization - until they are strong enough to bring real change. This approach is the Continuous Innovation Framework, or COIN for short.

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