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Apr 10, 2024

Case Study: Vanderlande

Vanderlande is a global leader in automated material handling solutions, serving diverse industries worldwide. With cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to excellence, Vanderlande optimizes logistics processes, driving productivity and growth on a global scale.

In November 2021, Vanderlande embarked on their Agile Transformation journey. As a leading global player in future-ready logistics process automation across warehousing, airports, and parcel sectors, Vanderlande offers a comprehensive suite of solutions. This includes advanced systems, smart software, and lifecycle services, empowering swift, dependable, and effective automation technology.

To increase focus on what matters most to our customers, a change was called for
Maurice Verhagen

Over the past decade, Vanderlande's leadership witnessed a surge in data-driven solutions and increased complexity in technology demands. This prompted a shift away from the conventional 'engineer-to-order' approach to one requiring greater flexibility, speed, and predictability in development.

Personally, I gave it priority in my own schedule, actively participating in planning events and Inspect & Adapt sessions
Frank van Dijck, Chief Technology Officer, Vanderlande

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