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Oct 20, 2022

The RTE Summit: Your Ticket to Partnerships, Networking, and Taking Your Organization to the Next Level (With Atlassian & Cprime)

“What are people talking about? What are common challenges across the customer and partner landscape? What are people doing to address those challenges? What are new opportunities that people and customers are discovering along the way?” These are just some of the things that Shane McGuire, the Channel Business Development Lead for Jira Align at Atlassian in EMEA, hopes to find out at the RTE Summit at Capital C next month. And, as the hosts of the annual RTE Summit, we here at Gladwell Academy know that Shane and all of our other participants are bound to uncover these answers and so much more! To prepare a little better for the Summit, we decided to have a conversation with Shane, who represented our partners Atlassian & Cprime. During this conversation, Shane was kind enough to offer some insights on what makes the role of an RTE unique, what he sees as the upcoming Summit’s program highlights, and what Atlassian & Cprime are bringing to the table this year (hint: it’s an absolute game-changer in the world of Enterprise Agility!)
[The RTE Summit is] a great way to connect and reconnect with existing and new customers,
Shane McGuire, Atlassian

Atlassian & Cprime at The RTE Summit: The Ultimate Collaboration

Shane placed an emphasis on the value of the RTE Summit for Atlassian & Cprime, as they “think it’s a great way to connect and reconnect with existing and new customers, so it’s very important for Atlassian & Cprime to join for this event.” But as we all know, the RTE Summit is also so much more than that. Shane elaborated, saying, “It’s a good opportunity for us to meet up with existing partners, such as Gladwell Academy, and also to have an opportunity to talk to potential new partners in the Agile at Scale and Business Agility spaces.” He added that, “It’s also a chance to pick up on general trends in the industries,” which is something we always highlight as a value point at the RTE Summit. When you’re surrounded by novices and professionals alike in the field of RTE work, you’re bound to learn from the best of the best while picking up novel perspectives and approaches along the way -- and both Cprime & Atlassian know just how priceless those insights are!

Shane McGuire On What Makes An RTE Unique

At Gladwell Academy, we understand the value of an RTE within an organization. After all, it’s no coincidence that we host this annual event to bring RTEs from all around the world together, and it’s certainly no surprise that the theme of this year’s RTE Summit is centered around the notion that RTEs are like diamonds: they are polished and formed under high pressure and are as versatile as a diamond. And Shane didn’t hesitate to tell us exactly what he believes makes the role of an RTE so unique. “I think there’s a combination of soft skills, process skills, and often even technical skills that makes RTEs unique. They are really pivotal quarterbacks, or center midfielders, or any other integral position of whatever sport you’re playing -- they’re in the middle of the action, making things happen. They hold an unparalleled set of skills, and their primary role is to connect strategy to delivery -- it’s all about making that human element possible,” Shane explained to us, and we couldn’t help but agree. He really summed up perfectly what it is that makes every RTE a diamond!

...there’s a combination of soft skills, process skills, and often even technical skills that makes RTEs unique.
Shane McGuire, Atlassian

SAFe Return of the Pink Panther & Dynamic Scaling of an Agile Release Train (ART)

We hope that in anticipation of the RTE Summit, everyone takes a look at the program to see which workshops and presentations they’re most keen on attending -- we know that Atlassian’s Shane is certainly ready to go when it comes to this! “When I looked at the program, there were definitely particular speakers and topics that stood out to me as interesting. Eelco Rustenburg’s ‘SAFe Return of the Pink Panther’ -- now that’s quite intriguing -- and I look forward to seeing the Pink Panther’s views on SAFe.” But that wasn’t the end of what caught Shane’s attention on the program. “Hao Li’s session on Dynamic Scaling of an Agile Release Train -- that ought to be thought-provoking as well. We talk a lot about long-standing, stable, cross-functional teams when it comes to Scaling Agile, and I’d love to hear Hao Li’s approach on how we scale that Agile Release Train. Like, how does that fit into the work paradigm?” To find out for yourself which parts of the 2022 RTE Summit program appeal most to you, be sure to check it out for yourself. Are you in the same boat as Shane, or did something else catch your eye?

Workshop Sneak Peak: 5 Phases of Enterprise Agility

It’s always neat to hear a firsthand perspective from our workshop hosts regarding what we can expect from them at the RTE Summit. So, we took the first opportunity possible to ask Shane for a sneak preview of the Atlassian & Cprime workshop, coming to you live on November 7th & 8th (yep, that’s right: two whole chances to take advantage of this exciting opportunity!) “Cprime is one of our Jira Align and Enterprise Agility partners, so they have a lot of experience working with some of our largest clients around the world,” Shane began telling us. He went on to elaborate: “So, they have created a workshop known as ‘5 Phases of Enterprise Agility’ in which Cprime introduces the concept of Enterprise Agility as a journey. Many organizations have done this already, but this is Cprime’s unique view on the journey of Enterprise Agility.”

If this idea has already blown your mind, brace yourself: there’s a whole lot more greatness to come! “The analogy here is that it’s a long and winding mountain road -- the journey to Enterprise Agility -- and it’s neither fast nor straightforward,” continued Atlassian’s Shane. “And if you try to take a shortcut, you’re bound to get lost.”

“On the other hand, you’re sure to reach your destination with the guidance of a map and a skillful navigator by your side, which is exactly where our partner Cprime steps in. In the RTE Summit workshop, Cprime will share the map, providing you a clear description of what you should expect to see across all 5 phases of Enterprise Agility. Unsurprisingly, it starts at the team level, and it finishes with Enterprise Agility at Scale across the entire organization.”

It’s a long and winding mountain road -- the journey to Enterprise Agility -- and it’s neither fast nor straightforward.
Shane McGuire, Atlassian

The Best Is Yet to Come

We have no doubt that Shane’s thoughts and stories have made you look forward even more to attending this year’s RTE Summit -- they certainly got us even more excited about what’s to come! But this is just a taste of what you can expect at this exclusive event for RTEs, by RTEs. As the Summit is just around the corner, we know that tickets are running out. So, before you miss your chance, be sure to secure your spot at the Summit, coming to you live from Amsterdam’s Capital C on November 7th & 8th! We look forward to welcoming you there.

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