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Jul 5, 2022

The RTE Summit: A Game-Changing Discovery

When was the last time you encountered something by accident, only to have it unexpectedly put you on the path to discovery? Unbeknownst to us (until recently!) Lisa Lykke Jordan had such an encounter when she first came across our RTE Summit in 2019. “I found out about the Gladwell Academy RTE Summit by accident, actually,” she said. While she was looking up information about SAFe, she encountered a website about the SAFe Summit, which in turn led her to stumbling across our RTE Summit website. As Lisa was a starting RTE at the time, she felt that the RTE Summit would hold more relevance for her than the SAFe Summit. “Because I was not that experienced as an RTE at the time (I had only been an RTE for about a year) and I was the only RTE in my company, I didn’t have anyone to actually spar with,” explained Lisa. As such, Lisa decided it would be good for her to expand her horizons and meet up with fellow RTEs from outside of Denmark who had more years of experience under their belts. Before she knew it, Lisa had her very first ticket to our RTE Summit -- the first of many, as she’d later learn! “All my hopes and expectations about the RTE Summit came true after the first time, so that was a good thing! That’s why I kept coming back,” noted Lisa.

Super Early Bird, two years and counting

Lisa Lykke Jordan of the company Tryg in Denmark has been an RTE since 2018, and she’s been the first person to secure tickets to our annual RTE Summits for 2 years in a row after attending her first one in 2019. Lisa has extensive professional experience as a Senior Project Manager and Department Manager, working for companies such as Traen Danmark A/S, Formpipe (formerly Traen), ATP, and others. After hearing in conversation how excited Lisa was every year for this event, we knew we had to reach out to her and see what it is that makes the RTE Summit so memorable for her. She kindly shared her experiences and stories, along with memories of past RTE Summits, and we couldn’t be more pleased to share them with you today. Who knows? Maybe you’ll join in on the RTE Summit train, too!

Focusing on metrics

The annual RTE Summit is an event for RTEs, by RTEs, and it provides vast opportunities for learning, networking, and engaging in conversation. Lisa told us that her first RTE Summit proved to be an eye-opening experience, as she found herself surrounded by people with more experience than her, sharing their input on a vast variety of topics. But there was one topic that stood out in particular to Lisa: a focus on metrics. “That’s what I realized when I got back to work after that RTE Summit,” elaborated Lisa. “How important it is to have your metrics in place, actually look into those metrics, and use them to identify where your improvements can be made.” She explained that while you have the Inspect & Adapt in place in order to review what went well and what went less well during the previous PI, it makes much more sense to use this time to analyze your metrics in order to achieve greater results later down the line.

Value of a People Manager

Every role within an Agile Release Train (ART) has its importance -- there’s no argument there. However, after attending the 2021 RTE Summit, Lisa came home with an epiphany regarding a specific role: the People Manager. “I realized just how important it is to have a People Manager on board -- someone focusing on the people in the ART, making sure they are satisfied, that they keep developing, that they’re thriving,” emphasized Lisa. “It’s a good idea to have some time dedicated to attending to the people in your ART.” She explained that while a lot of things are happening every day within the team, and that it can often feel like there’s an overwhelming focus on delivering, you can’t let your people feel like they and their well-being has taken a backseat to delivering output. “Because if you don’t have your people, you don’t have anything,” incredibly aptly said Lisa.

Because if you don’t have your people, you don’t have anything.
Lisa Lykke Jordan

Social Opportunities

But the learning opportunities and realizations brought about by the RTE Summit aren’t the only things that stood out to Lisa. It was also the social opportunities and freedom to step out of your comfort zone that appealed to her. Upon arriving at the RTE Summit, Lisa found herself meeting people from a number of different companies, cultures, and countries, all united by their RTE background. As someone who is naturally introverted, Lisa actually found joy in traveling to the RTE Summit on her own. “Going into a room with two or three hundred people that I didn’t know was quite intimidating,” Lisa admitted. “That’s why I always use the Summit as a personal development point, to be more outgoing and talk to people.” She told us that when she travels with colleagues, she finds that she tends to stick with them, which is why traveling to the RTE Summit alone proves to be an entirely different experience. “I have to go over to someone I’ve never met before and start up a conversation,” says Lisa, proving that the RTE Summit is also a great place to meet new people, step out of your comfort zone, and try something new.

RTE Summit 2022: Capital C, Amsterdam

Did Lisa’s thoughts and experiences resonate with you? We hope that you’ll join us at our 7th Annual RTE Summit in November at the Capital C venue in Amsterdam to exchange your own ideas with her and all of our other amazing participants in just a few months. Be sure to get your ticket today, before spots run out!

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