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Nov 22, 2021

PI backlog refinement? “Yes, please.”

Global fintech software publisher SimCorp started working with SAFe more than two years ago, and their creative interpretation of the framework soon became evident. At the RTE Summit, Agile coaches Piet Syhler and Frank Olsen will co-present how their company has come to adapt the Framework to their organization’s needs: “The PI planning event requires such tremendous effort to prepare. How do we prepare to a proper degree?”

Seven ARTs

SimCorp’s main product is an investment management platform called Dimension, widely used by most of the major financials. Each of our 7 ARTs is tied to perfecting our delivery in some way. We ourselves are Agile Coaches, not RTEs… so we have a fascinating vantage point: we see the issues that our RTEs all run into. Some of these issues have to do with how SAFe works. So, we use their experiences to mold SAFe into something that serves their work better. We’re going to use the time we have at the Summit to show people what we’ve come up with."

We’ve developed a process to refine the backlog during an ongoing PI to prepare for the next PI

PI Planning: more refined, please

”One such improvement we’d like to discuss is what we’re calling the Feature PI Backlog Refinement process. It’s an interesting addition to the PI planning event chapters in SAFe because in essence, SAFe doesn’t currently say anything about how you should get your backlog ready. It just assumes that when you meet up at the event, you do so with a prioritized backlog ready to be refined further. We’ve developed a process to refine the backlog during an ongoing PI to prepare for the next PI.”

Impediments removal

"A second adaptation or module we’ve developed is what we’re calling Impediment Removal Process. Removing impediments is a lot of what RTEs do, and part of that competence is to assess locally developed solutions to see if they might be applied to globally felt problems – and even before that, to signal locally felt impediments and see if they might be systemic. Our adaptation develops this process.”

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