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Nov 22, 2021

Over 100 Agile Coaches Welcomed In Virtual Agile Coach Conference

It’s a wrap! On October 28th 2020 we received over 100 Agile coaches on our virtual online platform for the first edition of the agile coach conference. Over the course of an entire day, these enthusiastic professionals followed more than 8 presenting speakers, 3 keynote speakers, and 2 rounds of 6 workshops each, and many exciting ideas exchanged.
Agile Coach Conference team of Gladwell Academy

In post-covid times professionals all over the world have become a lot more familiar with working remotely than they like to be, perhaps. The idea of having a full day of remote-presented conference was a little daunting because of this – but it seems to have paid off. Of course we’re going to inspect and adapt in true Agile fashion, so expect an even better one next year on October 13, 2021, but here’s a few achievements and key moments for you:

Exciting case studies and presentations

From group dynamics in teams to phases in enterprise-level change; from coaching leadership to building intercontinental communities of practice. The presentations came thick and fast, and at the end of the day people were satisfied and tired out – yet energized to apply what they discovered. To vary the passive act of listening with more hands-on activity, two rounds of workshops went from Transformations as Storytelling to Living Agility in post-COVID times.

Watch the Agile Coach Conference 2020 Aftermovie!

Due to Covid measures the first edition was 100% virtual and a huge success!

Compliments from participants

Because we were working extremely hard behind the scenes to keep everyone on board during the day – and especially because this was a first for us – we were very happy with all the positive feedback we’ve been getting from everyone there. Not everything went without a hitch, for sure – but overall people were very supportive and tolerant regarding technical glitches and occasional confusion. Move fast and break things is the creed – and that was what we were doing!

Speed dating carrousel and online tools

The online conference platform supplied by start-up company Let’s Get Digital provided some interesting options, such as digital whiteboards, break-out sessions to have small-group discussions and virtual calling cards, but what made the most impact was probably the speed dating carrousel, which was widely used from the first hour on. This brought a networking dimension to the conference that you would not normally expect from an online event. Well done everyone!

Next year: physical or remote?

Who can say where next year’s Agile Coach Conference will be held? In a physical location, or again online? We do already know that we’re going to have a second edition, because this first one was a blast. Stay tuned for March 30, 2022, and see you there – either online or off.

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