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Nov 22, 2021

‘Hippie’ RTEs celebrate online togetherness

My personal highlight of the RTE Summit Global: seeing the conference’s chairman Ali Hajou wearing a black braided ‘hippie’ wig for a themed presentation halfway through the second day. That, and seeing so many seasoned RTEs share their stories of failure, struggle, strength and success at the end-of-day online roundtables. What was yours?

Each morning started with dozens of visitors logging on and saying hi over the chat. From Hungary, from New York, from India. With over 120 RTEs visiting from all over the world, the RTE Summit Global can be called a success in terms of sheer quantity. That Gladwell Academy managed to present a program that kept everyone’s attention, is a success in terms of quality, as well.

Watch the RTE Summit 2020 Aftermovie

Technology, a minor challenge – RTE Summit Global

“In terms of technology, we had our challenges, of course,” says Annet Metz, who managed the event behind the scenes. “This format is still quite new to us, so some hiccups were expected. The first day was indeed quite hectic, with a flurry of minor incidents and last-minute arrangements. The second day went without a hitch though – I was able to visit session after session, seeing the event unfold by itself!”

Involved and active participation – RTE Summit Global

“Outside of the handful of people who struggled with audio and connectivity, the vast majority stayed until the end and had a great time,” says Ali Hajou. “True to the ideas of Andres Jansen who pioneered the RTE Summit 5 years ago, we had arranged for speakers who aren’t afraid to be candid about the troubles of a transformation. Jenny van Rinsum and Larry Anderson of Nike; Chris James of Scaled Agile; Amy Doerflinger of Boeing… it was a triple-A line-up and they each delivered an engaging story.”

Every Q&A was well-visited, and people were really involved in asking questions and giving their responses.

“In response, the audience really behaved as participants rather than spectators,” continues Ali. “Every Q&A was well-visited, and people were really involved in asking questions and giving their responses. That’s one of the advantages of remote conferencing: the audience can have a lively presence in the sidebar chat.”

RTE of the Year 2021

Doing justice to his close and active involvement as a Summit visitor to all 5 past events, RTE and Agile Coach Joris van Doorn won the contest to be RTE of the Year 2021. He succeeds Weronika Śreniawa-Pisarska, who delivered a ‘heART-warming’ contribution about her work this year. We will get in touch with Joris soon about his work and his planned contribution to the 2021 event. The RTE Summit 2021 will be held at a physical venue once more – at the Railroad Museum in Utrecht, unless the virus forces us to again host the event remotely.

Come together, RTEs of the world!

Wherever we’ll be: judging by these past two days it’s already clear that we don’t have to let COVID-19 spoil our ability to come together and learn from each other. No matter the circumstances, next year’s RTE summit is bound to be at least as entertaining a learning experience as this year’s edition has been. Want to stay in the know? Join our RTE-community.

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