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Apr 2, 2024

Gladwell 10 year-anniversary: Our 10 top blogs not to miss !

Join us in marking this special milestone by diving into our curated selection of the best content from the past decade.

#1 What is SAFe? The Scaled Agile Framework – Part 1

SAFe is probably the most widely encompassing framework of all the Agile frameworks. SAFe is still not very old, as it was launched in 2011, but it has already known several versions in its short life. Currently, we’re at version 6.0. But how much do you know about it?

#2 The Evolution of SAFe: 6.0 is here!

On March 15, 2023, SAFe 6.0 was officially released. Naturally, this raises questions, such as how the update will affect your work, assignments or even the organization.

#3 The Tasks of a Product Owner (PO)

The Product Owner is a value optimiser who turns the client’s needs into value. Do you know all about his role and his tasks?

#4 Agile for Hardware 2.0

Agile is a recognized and effective work methodology within the field of software development. However, not everyone is aware of the benefits it can bring to the hardware industry.

#5 The Agile Mindset: Being Agile

Urban Myth: Agile = Scrum! Agile = Overhead! Agile = Chaos! ... Reality: Agile is a mindset instead. This article debunks the urban myth by delving into the crucial mindset underpinning agility and its paramount importance in diverse work contexts

#6 The 5 Qualities for Effective Agile Coaching

There are different types of Agile Coaches. But what exactly makes a good Agile coach? It’s not easy to give a simple answer, but read this article to learn the 5 qualities and skills that are bound to help you as an Agile Coach.

#7 How Scrum Increases Collaborative Efforts In Your Organization

Collaboration is key to any organization’s success. In this article, we invite you to look at the benefits of collaboration in the workplace and the role that Scrum plays in this process.

#8 Scrum Master and Release Train Engineer as Flow Optimizers.

In this article, Raul Barth (Agile Coach, Scrum Master and SAFe trainer) shares about the role of Scrum Master and Release Train Engineers in the new SAFe 6.0 framework.

#9 Do You Have Trust & Transparency in Your Scrum Team? If Not, You Don’t Have a Team

If there is no trust and transparency within your Scrum Team, there is no team – just a group of individuals.

#10 Stepping up to SPC: The Value of Becoming a Certified SAFe Program Consultant

The SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) course is a relatively new program – one that, upon successful completion of the SPC exam, will elevate your knowledge -- and potentially even your network and career -- to a whole new level

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