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Nov 19, 2021

Interview with Eduardo Alvim, New SPCT

Proud to share that Eduardo Alvim, Senior Trainer at Gladwell Academy is now a qualified SPCT (SAFe Program Consultant Trainer). This qualification makes Eduardo the world’s first and only Spanish & Portuguese speaking SPCT, something we are thrilled to congratulate him on!

In your opinion, what are the key benefits of implementing SAFe in any organisation?

"The benefits are multitude. First and foremost, there is an increase in employee engagement as they are involved in the decision-making process at all levels. It also helps quality issues to surface very early on in a process, decreasing the economic impact to fix them. SAFe allows more business value to be delivered in the shortest sustainable lead time. This supports the potential of revenue coming to the enterprise earlier. The learning acquired through implementing SAFe will help to either persevere on development initiatives or have the organisational agility to quickly pivot on them."

Organisations are willing to transform themselves to stay at the top of their game and we are here to help them achieve their objectives.

"SAFe is the leading framework for business agility, according to the State of Agile Report. Increasing numbers of companies around the world are using this framework, that supports the company’s journey towards true business and enterprise agility. The framework is build upon 4 bodies of knowledge: Agile Development, Lean Product Development, Systems Thinking, and DevOps. These inform the practices that are part of the framework and will help to “install entrepreneurship” at all levels of the company."

Being the first and only Spanish/Portuguese speaking SPCT, what opportunities do you see for the Spanish and Latin American market?

"The rate at which the professional landscape has changed and continues to change is making it clear that old structures and ways of working are outdated. Countries from LATAM, as well as other Spanish speaking countries, are seeing this change and increasingly investing in transforming and reinventing their organisations. Many SMEs and large organisations are running into different challenges doing so. This brings great opportunities, as the SAFe framework supports any size of organisation. Being able to address the challenges and provide the structured support these companies need in their own language makes the transformation process much easier. I see a lot of potential in the combined effort that exists now in this specific market, between organisations looking for business agility and the way Gladwell can provide the dedicated support and guidance in this process."

"This enormous potential is also thanks to the unique spirit of creativeness, open mindedness and willingness to find better ways of working that I always see in the LATAM market. Organisations are willing to transform themselves to stay at the top of their game and we are here to help them achieve their objectives. When you combine their needs with our expertise at Gladwell, we are going to do many great things together. I’m sure of it!"

What makes your training style unique?

"I like that question! Usually I only discuss the benefits of SAFe in interviews or roundtables, but it's true that every course leader brings his or her own 'flavour' to a training. I make it a point to use real-life industry examples to underline the theory we discuss in class or when consulting. To me, it's a great way to see a direct and practical use of what we are working on. It foments understanding of the theory and allows us to discuss actual implementations and struggles in different industries."

I look forward to welcome you on one of my trainings and decide for yourself!

"Other than that, I have my tricks to keep the audience engaged and I use a lot of humour. There is always a fair share of laughter in my courses. But don't just take my word for it. I look forward to welcome you on one of my trainings and decide for yourself!"

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