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Nov 19, 2021

Changing Times Require Agile Minds: Agile Coach Conference 2022

If ever there was a time to put our Agile abilities to the test, it has been the past year. Which is why we are thrilled to welcome you to this year’s in-person Agile Coach Conference. So many experiences to share, best practices and learning cases to put under the loop and the chance to reconnect with fellow Agile colleagues. Or, as Renate Cremer, our chairwoman for the Agile Coach Conference, puts it: “it has been a unique learning curve for everyone working Agile, while at the same time making a unique case that working Agile is the only way forward.”

Energize and Amplify

The changing context of our work dynamics, working remote and not connecting with colleagues on a daily basis has left many of us feeling disconnected and grappling for best practices in working agile. At the drop of a hat, everybody has changed their way of working, and Agility can lead us to shape an enabling environment to go through this kind of complexity. Renate is very adamant about what makes this year’s conference different: “This year’s Agile Coach Conference will be all about boosting your abilities, celebrate your work and supercharge your motivation with inspirational talks. Sharing best practices and experiences, coming together to energize and amplify. Yes, working digitally has a lot of benefits and 90% of the work can be achieved this way. But we cannot neglect the remaining 10%. We need in-person connections, seeing each other face to face and read each other’s energies. So, for this year’s conference, the goal is to bring you the best of both worlds – virtual and live events will merge seamlessly to bring you the energy to continue the Agile work.”

Why visit the Agile Coach Conference?

The Conference has been designed to cater to both experienced Agile Coaches as well as people interested in exploring the concepts of working Agile. Collective insight, a key element in working Agile, will reign supreme during the day. Discussions and conversation will provide ample learning opportunities, and the Conference includes multiple formats to encourage active information sharing. As Renate puts it “There is a real need to share stories because there is so much knowledge in the community. We really look forward to the input and simply request all participants to actively join in and bring who they are.”

The collaborative nature and strong result-oriented approach of working Agile is what makes the need for an Agile Coach Conference a no-brainer for Renate: “You can accomplish a lot on your own, even more when collaborating with your team. But we often forget about the immense value of someone supporting you from the sideline or someone who may be a little further ahead and invites you to journey together. Not ahead of you, but with you. Building communities of practice around Agility to strengthen you in your work is one of the key drivers for me to host this conference. I thoroughly believe in forging connections that will lead to mutual success stories in working Agile.”

There is a real need to share stories because there is so much knowledge in the community.

Working Agile or increased value creation?

As Renate puts it “you say ‘Working Agile’, I say ‘increased value creation’. And where can we create increased value? At every level and in any industry or branch! That’s the beauty of the Agile Coach Conference, it is where HR mingles with Product Managers, C-Levels and consultants with professionals from all industries, as well as Scrum Masters with Chiefs Operation Happiness without forgetting the freelancers coaches. The focus lies on fostering a collaboratively successful environment to afront change.”

“The better question would be ‘who isn’t working Agile yet’?” adds Renate. “During the Agile Coach Conference, we really want to showcase that regardless of where you are coming from or where you are heading towards, embracing Agile Working will speed up your process and make it more enjoyable too!”

Agile is the future. And we are here to help you shape it.

Coming back to the beginning of our interview where we touched on this year’s theme ‘Changing times require Agile Minds’, Renate rounds of by sharing that “looking back over the past year, everything we lived through personally and professionally, has been challenging. But somehow, with resilience, we managed. I believe it is important to take time to stand still, take a breath and reflect what we learned from it, how we can build, what the next steps can be, start by asking the right questions. Creating a context for Agile Coaches is so important in being able to shape the future. That is why I am beyond excited about this year’s Agile Coach Conference. All of us there get to build the future of agility together!”

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