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Nov 22, 2021

Becoming An Agile Coach In A Week

Have you been interested in entering the challenging but rewarding career of Agile Coaching, but are you unsure where to begin? Search no more with Gladwell Academy’s ‘Agile Coach Bootcamp’ taught by Renate Cremer, an expert trainer of Agile coaches. Follow this course and earn your ICP-ACC, acquire foundational skills necessary for an Agile Coach, and cap your week off with the first ever virtual Agile Coach Conference on October 28th.

A week of continuous training

Pre-course work
For such an intense week of learning, Renate recommends you familiarize yourself with Agile Coaching before starting the training. You will receive a free copy of Agile Coach and author Lyssa Adkins’ book Coaching Agile Teams, which provided the basis for the course’s structure.

Includes ICP-ACC certification!
Additionally, you will be asked to bring in your own relevant case studies. These case studies will be used by the class to continually study real-world Agile solutions to problems, while finding immediately practical solutions to those problems.

Day 1 – The basics of an Agile Coach

On the first day of your Agile Coach training expect a refresher on what it is to be an Agile Coach. Participants will then move into the first professional ‘stance’ of an Agile Coach; how to guide others through the process of change, how to facilitate movement from a non-Agile mindset, and what it means to be a coach ethically.

Towards the end of the day you will continue with a rundown of the role of an Agile Coach as a facilitator, how the coach assumes knowledge already exists within a group and facilitates finding that knowledge.

Day 2 – Facilitation continued & mentoring

On day two you will continue studying facilitation, moving into how to use various workshopping activities including: story mapping, lean portfolio management, and product vision workshops to efficiently facilitate group critical thinking.

From here the course moves into the Agile Coach as a mentor, sharing your own experiences, trials, and successes to guide other towards personal insight.

Day 3 – Team and organizational dynamics

Day three is where the fundamentals laid down in the previous coursework begin to come together. Study team level dynamics, beginning with team models and dysfunctions in teams. During this step the dynamics of the class are used as living example of the kind of interactions which can occur in Agile teams.

The day will end with how to understand and apply these same team dynamics on an organizational level.

Day 4 – Guiding Transformations

This final day of the coursework is based on communicating the more strategic requirements of an Agile Transformation. How can you as an Agile Coach move through the transformation process, look at and set up value streams, interact with and handle resistance from leadership to just name a few key strategies.

The Agile Coach Conference

Cap off your week with the Agile Conference, the perfect way to bridge the gap between the theory of Agile Coaching and its implementation. The conference is set up using the same structure as the previous four days of training, only now being communicated by actual clients instead of the trainers. You will now be properly equipped to ask the necessary questions and know where and how to begin building your Agile Coach network. The conference will be held virtually, hosted by Gladwell Academy from a professional film studio. It will feature a wide variety of interactive events and workshops, giving you the full Agile Coach experience. Learn more about the everything the conference has to offer here.

Earn you ICP-ACC certification

While many of Gladwell’s competitors may offer training on Agile Coaching, most do not include the ICP-ACC certification as well. Lyssa Atkins’ model is based on over 50 learning objectives, and everything you do during this week of training will directly tie to one of those objectives. The certification is also connected to the International Coaching Federation, displaying a focus not only on Agility but the interacting, facilitating, and mentoring individuals as a Coach.

More than just checkmarks, real learning

Aside from course work and certifications, expect real and immediately relevent skills that will prove invaluable as an Agile Coach.

This course is designed to fill out your ‘Agile Coach Toolkit:’ a collection of skills and best practices you should employ as an Agile Coach. Learn more about the ‘Agile Coach Toolkit’ with this article by Renate Cremer here.

Theory comes alive

Live the theory in practice immediately: put Agility to work the moment you return to your desk. By using your own case studies as examples and thought experiments throughout the course you will be able to immediately apply those lessons to your organization.

Don’t forget, that your classmates during your training and any connections made at the Agile Coach Conference can become the basis for a valuable support network as an Agile Coach.

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