“U.S. corporate culture helps and hinders Agility” – Eelco Rustenburg, SPCT

As an accredited SPC Trainer, Eelco Rustenburg is one of the very few people in the world today allowed to train new SAFe Program Consultants – and he’s coming to New York this April 16thto train a hopeful group. We asked him to share his experience in training people from both sides of the Atlantic.

“My life as an SPCT changed significantly when I was okayed for that additional T. But that change hasn’t been nearly as heavy as when I became an SPC! Demand for corporate Agility is so high around the world – once you’ve mastered SAFe, it can be hard to find a moment’s rest at times. It’s thrilling work – suddenly you’re mentoring groups of talented, eager professionals towards a beckoning, promising future.”


Stories of change

“I’ve seen teams grow to take on journeys of spectacular change at global corporate leaders such as Air France-KLM, Philips and several others. You go through episodes of exhilarating success, as well as bone-chilling insecurity and impending failure – it’s fascinating, and frankly quite addictive too. I look forward to sharing my stories with the New York group… we have a fun time ahead of us.”


Rituals versus intuition

I think the cultural divides are well-known between my home continent, Europe, and the United States – as diverse as both are too of course. In terms of the Agile mindset I think the dominant corporate culture in the US is both a blessing and a curse, as ours is for us as well.

Americans can be a bit formalistic, following the rules of the game rather than bending with the situation, and tend to favor strong leadership over collective action. That can be counter to Agility, which favors flexibility from principle and group communication over procedures and planning.


Entrepreneurial spirit

What really helps Agility about American corporate culture though is their can-do, take-part, jump-in attitude. Americans are brought up to speak up, to be entrepreneurial, and that results in lively, active sessions. Something to look forward to, in other words!”


Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel

Become an SPC with Eelco!

Eelco will be training for the SPC Certification Exam by Scaled Agile on April 16that the Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel, New York. Seats for this training event are almost gone, so if you’re looking to become a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer, be sure to reserve your seat today.