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Teamwork with Impact

Find your ideal position in your team and organization – based on your specific competences and talents. Discover what the Agile ways of working mean from a career perspective and how they best suit your career. Learn more about your personality and grow your professional aptitude to thrive in an Agile organization.


The Teamwork with Impact training lets you use communicational and behavioral differences to the collective advantage. Trust and communication are the foundations of effective collaboration, but they are not always readily available. People are complex and working  together closely  will complicate trust and effective communication.


Discover your natural tendencies via the DISC method (dominance, influence, stability and consciousness), and see where you complete others and how to empower each other. With a focus on your strengths rather than your flaws, you’ll see new connections and possibilities emerge. Work more effectively as a team, advance your personal career, or simply discover fundamental traits of human behavior.

Please note: the program for our virtual courses may vary. The hours are approximately 6 hours per day and may be extended with an extra course day.


  • Insight in your natural behavior towards others;
  • Identifying behavioral and communicational tendencies;
  • Steering conversations and motivating people following you strengths;
  • Sharing warstories and cases, identifying how to use DISC within your context.

Who should join?

This course is relevant for professionals, perhaps active in an Agile workplace, who want to strengthen their personal effectiveness.

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  • Maximum number of participants:12
  • Level:Foundation
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  • Lunch included:does not apply
  • Exam:No
  • Incompany:Yes
  • Payment methods:Invoice, iDEAL, CreditCard