DevOps Business Simulation: The Phoenix Project

DevOps Business Simulation: The Phoenix Project is based upon the famous book: ‘The Phoenix Project’ by Gene Kim.

DevOps is a growing movement. Through an integration of Development and Operations, the processes of production get shorter, better and faster. This approach requires a different way of thinking and working, for both Development and Operations. A lot of organizations have trouble implementing DevOps effectively, and are unaware of the culture change required. therefore we added the training: DevOps Business Simulation: The Phoenix Project.




Your challenge is to use the DevOps principles and apply them in this serious Business simulation. In four rounds you will work on the IT Projects and IT Issues and make sure ‘The Phoenix Project’ is finished on time. You can play the part of Retail Operations, HR or Finance or other business roles within the company.


Learning Objectives

After this course you will be able to:


  • Implement DevOps the practical wayteamwork - DevOps Business Simulation: The Phoenix Project
  • Increase the value for organizations with DevOps
  • Help in developing improved cooperation within teams
  • Improve efficiency and effectivity of the IT-organization





Have you become enthusiastic about applying the DevOps Business Simulation to your team? On request we provide this training for agile teams that want to try the Simulation together with all team members. Register easily for the next course!



  • DevOps introduction
  • Origin of DevOps
  • Principles and concepts of DevOps
  • What is the DevOps culture?
  • Aspects of setting up a DevOps culture
  • The Phoenix Project Game


This DevOps training is intended to provide insight into the basic processes of DevOps, and is therefore particularly suitable for:

CIOs and CTOs
IT Operations
Agile Coaches
Process owners
Business managers

  • TypeCourse
  • Period 1 day
  • Maximum number of participants:12
  • Level:Foundation
  • Language:English
  • Lunch included:Yes
  • Exam:No
  • Incompany:Yes
  • Payment methods:Invoice, iDEAL, CreditCard