Agile working and Scrum for Communities

More is expected from communities nowadays. They have to accomplish more with less. The new tasks and responsibilities and changing society ask for a different way of working. The classical way simply isn’t sufficient anymore. That’s why more and more communities apply the Agile way of working and Scrum in their organizations. The explicit focus on the customer and flexibility works in a great way; communities are able to adapt to change and keep an eye on the interests of the citizen. Do you want to change your community? Attend the course Agile working and Scrum for communities.


During this course you will learn:

  • How Agile can help your community
  • How to work with the Agile and Scrum framework
  • Insights on Agile working and practice by inspiring speakers
  • Applying Agile in your environment, thanks to the Agile Scrum certification





Attendees who pass the exam will receive:

  • A PSPO I or PSM I certificate
  • Qualification to function as a Product Owner or Scrum Master




Have you become enthusiastic about applying Agile working and Scrum for Communities to your team? On request we provide this training for agile teams who want to become Agile and Scrum thinkers together with all team members of the community. Register easily for the next course!


  • Introduction of Agile
  • The Agile principles
  • Agile and Lean working; what are the differences
  • Working with cases from your experience
  • Get acquainted with Scrum
  • An interactive Scrum Game
  • Guest speakers from different communities
  • Reflection on your own practice


This training is valuable if you:

  • Work for a municipality
  • Perform a function as project manager, department or team leader, information manager or consultant
  • Have to deal with changes within municipalities and are wondering if Agile and Scrum could be of added value in your work
    • TypeCourse
    • Period 2 days
    • Maximum number of participants:18
    • Level:Advanced
    • Language:English
    • Lunch included:Yes
    • Exam:Yes
    • Incompany:Yes
    • Payment methods:Invoice, iDEAL, CreditCard

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