Certified trainer

Simon de Graaf

Simon de Graaf is a trainer at Gladwell Academy.

Simon de Graaf is a SAFe Practice Consultant (SPC), certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM II), and Agile (team) coach at AgilityMasters.com. He has hands-on experience in facilitating Scrum Teams. He also has an extensive background as a trainer, and he has experience in various collaborative (Agile) games, including the Mondrian Challenge. Simon has also worked as a software tester within Scrum Teams of both non-profit and listed companies.

By having worked as a qualified university lecturer, he can design, measure, and realize demonstrable learning goals. Simon holds a Master's degree in Organizational Sciences and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology (both acquired in Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

It is in Simon's nature to immerse himself in a work environment and become familiar with the surroundings and people. Because of this, people experience him as an involved and sincere individual.

Outside of his work, Simon loves the sports cycling and korfball. He also enjoys traveling and explore the world, cooking, and dining with a nice glass of wine or a cold beer.