Certified trainer

Sharon Breidel

Sharon Breidel is a trainer at Gladwell Academy

Sharon Breidel has a background in aviation, services and HR management. She is a RTE, certified Scrum Master (PSM I), SAFE Program Consultant (SPC) and SAFe Release Train Engineer at AgilityMasters.com.

She lived and worked in Paris for several years. Sharon was a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) member and built her center from scratch. She was closely involved with the Scrum Master and the Agile Release Train Engineer community and has advised in her work at enterprise, portfolio and essential SAFe level with a strong focus on portfolio management. She has mainly worked in coaching and coordinating roles. In 2017, Sharon was the winner of the Communication Award, organized by the Dutch National Herring Party.

Sharon is energetic, positive, a connector and someone who can make an impact. Trust, respect and progress are essential to her.

Besides AgilityMasters.com Sharon likes spending time with family and friends and likes to work with her partner and brother-in-law in their own Amsterdam vegan food company, a company that, in addition to allowing people to get to know the vegan lifestyle in an accessible way, has a strong social function.