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Alexander Wierstra

Alexander Wierstra is a Senior Agile coach, SAFe Practice Consultant (SPC) and RTE at Gladwell Academy.

Alexander is a change coach with a passion for (scaling) Agile and specifically the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). His strength lies in improving the way organizations execute their strategy. He does this by structuring change processes and to improve cooperation between people, systems and (parts of) organizations. Alexander easily manoeuvres within different levels of the organization and supports it in strategic and organizational changes such as cost savings, IT strategy change and product development.

Alexander is ambitious, result-oriented and driven. He remains calm in hectic situations, keeps an overview and knows how to divide his attention. Alexander has been speaker at multiple events, including the RTE Summit (2019) and the Global SAFe Summit (2020).

Next to his professional life, Alexander enjoys being with his family and playing football in the 'senior team'. He likes sailing, dance festivals and online gaming. Alexander is an avid Formula 1 follower.

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